Sarkozy wants Britain, Germany, Russia to set G20 agenda

January 24, 2011

, PARIS, Jan 24, 2011 – French President Nicolas Sarkozy invited Monday the leaders of Britain, Germany and Russia to help him set the economic agenda for France\’s presidency of the G20 group of powers.

In a televised speech setting out France\’s plans for reform of the global financial system, Sarkozy said he would be aided by Prime Minister David Cameron, Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Dmitry Medvedev.

Merkel will co-chair a working group on the world monetary system with Mexico\’s President Felipe Calderon, who will take on the G20 presidency in 2012, and hold a seminar in China at the end of March, he said.

"I\’m sure we won\’t resolve all the problems in one presidency. France wants a debate, because this debate can\’t wait," Sarkozy said, laying out his plans for France\’s year in charge of the group.

Medvedev, meanwhile, will oversee a working group looking at reforms to the agricultural products market, seeking ways to regulate and dampen what Sarkozy sees as the recent dangerous instability in global food prices.

And Cameron, Sarkozy added, has been asked to re-examine the nuts and bolts of global government: studying plans for a permanent G20 secretariat, a world environmental body and a reform of agricultural organisations.

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