Jaguar drives into Kenyan market

November 2, 2010

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 2 – The arrival in November of the first consignment of Jaguar XF models is set to shake up the executive car market in Kenya.

The full XF range will soon be available from the Jaguar Land Rover division of CMC Motors Group in Nairobi. 

“There will be a choice of a three litre V6 turbo diesel, a five litre V8 petrol engine and a supercharged version of the five litre V8 giving an acceleration time of 4.9 seconds from rest to 100 kmh, “ CMC said a statement .

“These high performance engines are also fuel efficient.  A Jaguar XF diesel driven by Roger Rouessart and navigated by John Smit won the 2010 Total Economy Run in South Africa. They achieved an average fuel consumption of 17.7 kpl for the three day event which covered a 1,100 kilometre route featuring a mix of city driving, open roads and mountainous sections.”

Although Jaguar has not been represented in this part of Africa for over 50 years the brand is highly respected by discerning motorists who appreciated beautiful fast cars. The Jaguar XF range is affordable to successful business entrepreneurs and senior executives giving buyers of high class cars a very attractive option.

Preparations for the introduction of Jaguar cars to Kenya have been underway for sometime. Already, special tools worth over Sh2 million have been purchased by CMC. When the cars have been cleared through Customs, a team of trainers from the Jaguar headquarters in Coventry, England will visit Nairobi to run intensive courses for the CMC service and sales staff.

The XF comes to Kenya with strong international credentials including a glowing road test report in the authoritative “Autocar” magazine. Summarizing the result of the test, “Autocar” stated, “Fabulous interior, good looks and engaging ride and handling.”

The magazine placed Jaguar first in a comparison with Audi, BMW, Lexus and Mercedes Benz and attributed the success of the XF to, “The blend of ride comfort, poise and agility which is nothing short of a triumph.”

In a review of executive cars, “What Car?” magazine rated the Jaguar XF ahead of Audi, Volvo and Mercedes Benz giving the XF a five star rating. The magazine summed up, “Svelte road manners; wonderful cabin; refinement; equipment. In conclusion, “The XF is as exceptional to drive as it is to sit in making you feel special.”

Jaguar has a significant following in several African countries including Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa. The next few months will reveal whether the high international rating of the Jaguar XF range will be shared by drivers of executive cars in Kenya, but it will definitely increase the competition for potential buyers at the top end of this country’s car market.

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