Kenya pushes for standard goods in EA

October 5, 2010

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 5 – President Mwai Kibaki on Tuesday reaffirmed Kenya\’s commitment to the attainment of uniform standardisation of goods within the East African Community region.

President Kibaki made the remarks when he held discussions with members of the East African Business Council Board at his Harambee House Office.

The President challenged the council members to prepare and forward specific proposals for the attainment of required standards for consideration by member States in order to attract both local and foreign investors.

He noted that the member states and other key stakeholders need to focus on offering solutions which will accelerate not only regional integration but also trade and investment.

During the occasion, the Head of State thanked the Council members for their dedicated efforts in ironing out various impediments in making the EAC region an attractive investment destination.

In this connection, President Kibaki directed the Ministers for Trade and East African Community to speed up the process of tackling the remaining hurdles facing the business community within the region so as to ensure the realisation of the vision of the EAC founding fathers.

The Chairman of the EAC business Council Board Faustin Mbundu thanked the EAC leaders for their support to their organisation saying that the private sector in the region is committed to playing its rightful role in the integration process through acceleration of the region\’s economic growth, wealth creation and enhancing regional and international competitiveness as enshrined in the EAC Treaty.

The Chairman also thanked President Kibaki for his steadfast campaigns to eradicate unfair trade practices through the establishment of the Anti-Counterfeit Agency.

Mr Mbundu noted that illicit trade not only undermines investment but also negatively affected profitability, market share and viability of established companies within the East African Community region.

He noted that for the organisation to fulfil its mandate effectively it has highlighted key priorities that will lead to full realisation of the ultimate EAC integration vision.

Among the key priorities include the full implementation of EAC common market protocol that envisage free movement of goods, services, capital and labour within the region as well addressing non tariff barriers to trade.

Other hurdles prioritised to be tackled include unpredictable policy frameworks and infrastructural impediments within the region.

Later, President Kibaki held talks with the Somali Transitional Government President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed.

The Somalia President briefed President Kibaki on the just concluded Somalia donor conference that was held in Spain.

President Kibaki once again appealed to the international community to honour its pledges to the Transitional Government of Somalia.

President Kibaki said Kenya remained fully committed to the restoration of peace in Somalia in order to ensure regional stability.


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