Kenyans to honour their heroes

September 8, 2010

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Sep 8 – The process for the 2010 National Honours and Awards has commenced with invitation to Kenyans to forward names of persons they feel ought to be recognised, the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) announced on Tuesday.

The umbrella body of the private sector will nominate three persons of proven integrity who have rendered distinguished services to the nation in various fields.

A notice from KEPSA stated that Kenyans should forward the names of any such persons in the private sector before Friday.

“All titles of honour are awarded on merit. Persons who are honoured by the President must be men and women of proven integrity, whose roles in and contribution to the country and society in general have been adjudged exemplary, profound, pre-eminent and inspiring or people who have excelled in service to the society in social, political, economic or scientific spheres through display of exceptional brilliance, courage, commitment and valor in their abilities such that the award is seen to be very special,” said KEPSA.

According to the statement, the nominations will be done on a prescribed form which must have explicit citations of the person’s character.

“In the absence of such forms, then the nominations may be made through the submission of a persons’ résumé. The citations must also be big such that they leave no doubt as to why the nominee is being proposed for an award. Ambiguity should therefore be avoided when presenting the citation,” said the statement.

KEPSA further explained that the citations for gallantry awards would have to have five detailed accounts of the nominee’s daring acts of bravery and valor.

“These awards include; the Uhodari Medal, the Distinguished Conduct Medal, the Distinguished Service Medal, the Silver Star of Kenya or the Head of State’s Commendation,” KEPSA explained.

Other categories for the awards are: devotion to duty where such commitment must go beyond the call of duty and the award of order, decorations and medals for non Kenyans.

When a government wishes to confer an award on a national of another country, the national’s government will be consulted to ensure that it has no objections to the proposals being made. The only general exception is during a state visit by the President to another country or when a Kenyan dignitary has been officially delegated to represent the President and Kenya during foreign celebration.

It is also customary that whenever a visiting Head of State confers an honour upon another Head of State, the recipient Head of State reciprocates by conferring a corresponding award of awards on the visitor.

The President is also the source of all titles of honours. Therefore, the awarding of the titles of honour, orders, decorations and medals is the prerogative of the President.

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