Kenya s private sector urged to drive reforms

September 4, 2010

, NAIROBI, Kenya Sep 4 – Prime Minister Raila Odinga on Friday urged the private sector to take up their position in the implementation of the New Constitution.

Speaking during the opening session of National Economic and Social Council (NESC) meeting, Mr Odinga advised members of the Council from the private sector to formulate working groups to deliberate on recommendations to fast track the entrenchment of the new law.

He said: "as the highest advisory body of the government has a duty to make fundamental contribution towards successful implementation of the constitution which Kenyans approved."

The Premier cited NESC membership had a wealth of expertise and experience which could be exploited to make the envisaged reforms in the country a reality. 

The PM also directed Permanent Secretaries from whose dockets certain clauses on the constitution were reviewed to only observe the operations of the working groups and answer arising queries on government operations.

The Council also monitors and assess whether current government programmes, activities, and policies are delivering targeted performance and results.

As an advisory body, the Council recommends to the cabinet, policies that deliver social equity, economic growth, wealth and employment creation.

Each Member of the Council brings to the table positional authority and influence in their spheres of life, the Council expects them to use their formal and informal authority and influence in their respective sectors, government, private sector, and civil society to ensure delivery of targeted performance and results adopted by the Council.

The meeting which was also graced by President Mwai Kibaki and members of the Cabinet was assured of the Grand Coalition Government\’s commitment to overcome the impending challenges.

Emphasizing on the importance of the NESC meeting, the Premier challenged the forum to come up with credible recommendations in ensuring the country reaps the proceeds of the changes and strengthen her economic dominance in the region market.

Mr Odinga also called for active vigilance from Kenyans on the implementation process and whenever possible act as whistle blowers whenever things go otherwise.

"If we see any slippages in implementing the constitution either by the Executive and the Legislature, as citizens please do not hesitate to raise alarm" Mr Odinga said.

Kenya enacted the new law last Friday paving the way for the Executive and Parliament to ensure 49 Bills crucial to implementation the new Constitution are in place between now and 2013.

The Commission for the Implementation of the Constitution Bill will be the first to be published on Monday following Cabinet approval last week.

This Bill establishes a nine-member Constitution Implementation Commission that will oversee the drafting of the Bills and the subsequent enforcement of the laws that will implement the new Constitution.

Drafting of the Judicial Service Commission Bill and the Vetting of Judges and Magistrates Bill have also been concluded.


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