Bamburi launches new Uganda production line

August 11, 2010

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 11 – Lafarge Bamburi Cement has launched a new line at the Uganda based Hima Cement production facility in Kasese, which is expected to increase output by 500,000 metric tonnes.

The Hima Cement Chairman, Hussein Mansi, said that the new facility which went online last week will supplement the 350,000 metric tonnes currently being produced by the old Hima Cement factory located in the same compound. This makes the total capacity at Kasese 850,000 tonnes.

Mr Mansi disclosed that Lafarge Bamburi Cement has invested $116 million over the last 12 months in the installation of a new facility at Hima Cement with the latest technology built by CBMI of China – a renowned manufacturer of cement production lines.

He explained that the new Kasese production facility will help the company realise its alternative fuels substitution levels to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.

“Currently, the facility has realised at least 55 percent alternative fuel substitution by using coffee and rice husks for energy production in place of heavy fuel oil,” said Mr Mansi.

He observed that the increased capacity at Hima Cement will boost Lafarge Bamburi Cement regional growth strategy by providing enough cement products for export into the emerging markets of Southern Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi and eastern DR Congo.

Mr Mansi, who is also the Managing Director for Lafarge Bamburi Cement confirmed that the firm invested in the new production facility equipped with the latest technology in cement production to guarantee safety in production and for the environment.

Lafarge Bamburi Cement has been at the forefront of community partnerships to mitigate the effects of climate change by enhancing environmental conservation in all its facilities across the region.

While the use of alternative fuel has lowered the cost of energy at the new production facility, the components of these fuels – coffee and rice husks – are generating income for the farmers in the Kasese area.

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