Govt urged to tap on fleet solutions

June 27, 2010

, NAIROBI, Jun 27 – The government\’s move to adopt fleet leasing will be heavily dependant on the integration of fleet management solutions, a player in the sector has advised.

While welcoming the recently announced proposal by Finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta, Africa Fleet Management Services Managing Director Mr. Ike Alibhai explained that efficient fleet leasing options rely heavily on specialized fleet management systems which the government will need to similarly embrace.

Given that leasing cost is to some extent based on the agreed the utilization of a second party\’s asset, Mr. Alibhai explained that it will be in the best interest of the government to embrace fleet management systems to help track efficient and agreed vehicle usage  utilization.

The company which is currently managing a project for the Ministry of Water Ministry of Water /Athi Water Services Board and Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company is forecasting significant cost savings on the government\’s vehicle maintenance costs with the adoption of fleet leasing and fleet management solutions.

Currently supporting a portfolio of key clients including Coca-Cola Sabco and EABL, AFMS is upbeat that Minister Kenyatta\’s proposal will translate to further business opportunities for fleet management solution developers in Kenya.

"The move by the government is truly trendsetting and deserves to be rolled out in phases to enable Kenyans reap maximum benefits with local fleet management solution providers getting the first priority," Alibhai said.

And added: "the commitment by the government to raise its service delivery efficiency must also be backed by the adoption of fleet management information technology and communication tools."

Through its specialized and locally customized fleet management solutions, AFMS provides comprehensive services that allow firms to monitor efficient and appropriate utilization of both their own assets and leased assets.

With the integration of fleet management services, government will be able to identify its good drivers and bad drivers with the bad ones having to account for their infamous driving habits.

With a fleet management solution, government transport managers will have access to real time details such as vehicle activity reports relating to who uses the vehicle, where it is being driven, when it is being driven and on which road at the precise hour.

Other features such as driver behaviour monitoring, over speeding, over braking, and accidents reconstruction are also key elements. Private use of official vehicles through personal trips can also be identified.

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