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Google Chrome Operating System


June 9, 2010 – Google is the world’s most popular search engine. Yet Google is not seating pretty. It’s bracing for a turf war with Microsoft.

Google Chrome is its operating system (OS) that wants to un-seed Windows. Chrome offers the best of both worlds. It sets to network the world with a minimalist platform just like the Google search, give you all the programs you need for free so long as you are online. At least that is the plan on paper.

The truth is that what could emerge is a hybrid operating system that will be free to users with paid ads running on the side as is the case with Google search. On the flipside, you might have to pay for the OS for an ad less version. Or have one with a combitine variation.

Considering that Microsoft still sell close 90% of its Windows Operating System, Google’s entry in the field is welcome. Despite the fact that this is Google’s first crack at developing an operating system, it follows a successful development of a mobile phone operating system called Android that is free to any developer willing to use. And major phone manufacturers such as Samsung & HTC have adopted it.

Should Chrome enjoy the same treatment then computers will surely get insanely fast. Just a mental picture, imagine all the programs you need be available to you anytime, anywhere & for free! That is not entirely true, free so long as you can access them on the internet. Everything stays in the virtual world omnipotence the internet freeing you computer making it really fast. Since all your data stays online there tend to be more secure unlike when the sit in a home computer that you format hence lose your data by accident.

Chrome promises to be lightweight, lighter than all the operating system out today its additional advantage is it runs on cross platforms. It would not matter what computer you use since its web based. Unlike Apple Leopard that runs solely on Mac computers while Windows work only on Microsoft personal computers (PC).

This by no means a new concept companies have always have run their back-ups miles away from their operations in what is called shadow computing. Google just bring the concept to the masses. Of course it could be argued that Google just took Linux operating system re branded it & released it as its own. Linux is a free operating system that anybody can contribute to so long as they share their development with everybody else. Hence its the most stable Os that run servers of major organizations like banks, governments & other institutions. In South Africa, the government runs it in all the schools & in Kenya its lowering the prices of small Bamba laptop & notebook computers. google_chrome_os_netbooks_600260473.jpg

Google Chrome either preying or playing on this is banking on human nature the love for free stuff which is Linux & the global reach which is Microsoft. Problem is most people are technology challenged hence will not try to go online to try find by themselves what they need. This challenge is the stuff that is the business model of Microsoft, which pre-packed for its user a set of essential applications they may like for a price.

But if there is one thing that has emerged in the recent years is that with a little motivation the masses will migrate online. Grand mothers are on You Tube! Go figure.

But that is not the only challenge Google’s Chrome has to overcome. Security is at the heart everyone. Google like other online company has suffered denial of service attack that is when an internet site is shut down by hackers. In its case, it was a rogue individual who did not approve of another individuals political stand & the whole world could not access either Google mail or searches. If a similar scenario occurred & Google Chrome held every ones data, the losses would crumble economies; the recent economic crisis would be a distant shadow.

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But all the gloom aside, if this works by the book Google Chrome could usher in a whole new world off a true networked world. But don’t hammer in Microsoft death nail in just yet, Google has to earn its way, stay or Chrome will die the same death American Online (AOL) died! You got no mail.


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