Australia brands aim to lure investment

May 14, 2010

, SYDNEY, May 14 – Australia on Friday launched a new national brand, "Australia Unlimited", hoping to convince business investors that the country is more than a laid-back holiday destination.

The slogan is the brainchild of British advertising agency M&C Saatchi, which was behind the country\’s unpopular "So Where the Bloody Hell Are You?" tourism campaign.

Trade Minister Simon Crean said Australia was ploughing 20 million dollars (18 million US) into the four-year re-branding aimed at tempting business by stressing its dynamism and innovation.

"Being the \’quiet achiever\’ is not going to cut it in an increasingly competitive global market," Crean said.

"We need to market ourselves better. Australia is known as a great place to have a holiday but it is also a great place to do business."

M&C Saatchi chairman Tom Dery said media criticism of the "Bloody Hell" adverts, described as a "rolled gold disaster" by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, was overblown.

"You must understand the absurdity of those headlines," he said. "There were 10 people who complained in the UK.

"I think the interesting thing about the campaign is that it was very well researched and very well received overseas."

Tourism Australia has now adopted a new tagline to tempt holidaymakers: "There is Nothing Like Australia."


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