Japan to end cargo only flights

March 25, 2010

, TOKYO, Mar 25 – Japan Airlines on Thursday said it will end cargo-only flights at the end of October as part of efforts to turn around its loss-making operations after it filed for bankruptcy.

But Asia\’s largest carrier will continue operations by using the cargo space on both its international and domestic passenger flights, it said in a statement.

Its cargo business "will shift from using a combination of freighter flights and passenger flights to exclusively utilising the belly space of passenger flights".

It said the move was "a new cargo business structure that aims to secure a stable profit and that can boost the recovery of JAL\’s financial standing".

The flagship carrier went bankrupt in January with 26 billion dollars of debt in one of Japan\’s biggest ever corporate failures, but has continued flying while it goes through painful state-led restructuring.

The company posted a two billion dollar loss for the nine months to December and is planning more than 15,000 job cuts.

The company\’s cargo business has logged declines in sales due to the global downturn and high fuel costs, the airline has said.

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