Mobipay to ease Internet transactions

February 11, 2010

, NAIROBI, Kenya Feb 11- Internet payments in Kenya is set to get  easier and accessible to all following the launch of Mobipay by Kenya Data Networks (KDN).

Mobipay is a multi-channel Internet payment gateway solution that turns any mobile phone into a channel for secure electronic transactions.

This offers consumers access to remote payment services while at the same time bypassing the inherent risks that have been associated with card usage in Africa.

Mobipay will allow consumers and businessmen to conveniently purchase or pay for products and services depending on their needs from multiple Internet merchants and governmental agencies on the continent to any location in the world.

Speaking during the launch, KDN Chief Executive Kai Wulff said the Internet had evolved into a comprehensive network for growing, developing and enhancing global business opportunities.

“Today’s market demands a secure, scalable and proficient e-payment transaction processor which can also act as a single entry provider in bringing the banks, businesses, credit card networks, consumers and governments together,” Mr Wulff said.

The launch of Mobipay is expected to provide efficient payment services to customers and businesses across the region through converging of e-payment, credit card networks, and mobile and banking transactions hence promoting business development by providing a secure payment platform within which business transactions will be carried out.

The entry of this new solution comes on the heels of the introduction of online payment solutions from I&M Bank, making it possible for traders and businesses both locally and internationally will be able to accept online payments through credit and debit cards.

The introduction of e-commerce services is made possible by the recent enactment of the Kenya Communications Amendment Act. Many observers believe this has the capacity of boosting economic activities in Kenya which could have a significant impact on the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The service will provide intuitive mobile commerce solutions that are adaptable to consumers and various business requirements, which can be customized for different kinds of payment services and to suit different business processes autonomously by being seamlessly, added to existing payment schemes such as M-Pesa and Zap.

Users will be able to carry out proximity transactions such as personal payments, ATM withdrawals, retail transactions at Point of sale (POS) and remote transactions like money transfers via the web.

“Mobipay will be able to work across all telecom operators as it is handset independent and works well with all financial instruments. The service is also applicable across different merchant categories to give our consumer the convenience and enhanced security of mobile payments,” Mr Wulff.

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