G4S Kenya eyes govt

January 6, 2010

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 6 – Security services provider G4S Kenya is now eyeing government contracts in an effort to grow its business.

The firm’s Regional Managing Director for East Africa Adam Miller said on Wednesday that there is enormous potential in Kenya for the company to collaborate with government, by providing outsourced security services.

This, he said, would bring down government expenditure on security as well as reduce their risk of providing services.

“Our single biggest focus over the next five years is to build our business with government. I would like the government to recognize that G4S has the capability with security solutions to reduce their costs,” Mr Miller said.

G4S has already initiated talks with the government with primary focus in providing immigration logistical support as well as transportation of medicines across the country.

“In the UK we successfully manage several prisons and I don’t see any reason why we cant do the same here,” he said.

The company is presently in contractual dealings with private sector players, with minimal contact with government.

“The central government is the one organisation that has the largest balance sheet, resources and risk and is likely to benefit most from what we have to offer,” G4S Kenya Managing Director Jackson Muchira highlighted.

G4S Kenya is the group’s (G4S International) second largest operation in Africa after South Africa, bringing in close to Sh5.3 billion in revenue. By engaging with government, the company expects to double revenue collection within three years.

To further grow the business, G4S Kenya has been making several key acquisitions as it seeks to cement its position as a market leader. In 2008, it acquired Urban Fire Services making it the first private firefighting company and becoming a major revenue stream for the company.

“We have now acquired Amour group, which is now G4S Risk Management where we provide consultancy services to clients, he added.

Going forward G4S plans to introduce asset tracking and secure journey management services as well as grow its event management and courier services businesses.

Mr Muchira said they would also be looking towards setting up cash centers across the countries upon approval from the Central Bank, given the company is not a deposit taking institution.

“Central Bank requires that banks confirm to them that whatever process and premises that they operate in are not unduly overexposed to risk,” he said.


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