Fresh look, more volume Tusker Malt

January 29, 2010

, NAIROBI, Kenya Jan 28 – East African Breweries has re-branded its world famous Tusker Malt Lager bottle in an effort to retain and attract customers.

EABL Strategy Manager Mulwa Mbai said on Thursday  the move was driven by the fact the beer had maintained the same look since it was introduced and it was time to give both existing and new consumers a new look.

“The ever-changing trends and discerning consumers have guided us in our efforts to continually come up with new products,” Mr Mbai said.

Tusker Malt Larger was introduced into the Kenyan market in 1996 after years as an export beer.

Mr Mbai however maintains the new look does not affect the brewing process and guarantees customers of the same taste.

 The re-branding comes with an extra incentive for consumers – a 10 percent increase in volume up from the previous 300 ml to 330 ml.

Furthermore, as it is considered a drink for the sophisticated customer the new recommended retail price of Sh85, five shillings than the previous price.

We have increased the volume by 10 percent for the customer and increased pricing by six percent, if you do the math it is really value for money.

The new bottle maintains the same green colored glass, but now has the word Tusker embossed four times on the bottle, effectively getting rid of the paper label.

The re launch of the beer comes barely a month and half after the introduction of Keroche Breweries’ Summit Lager into the market.

Keroche Breweries Chief executive Tabitha Karanja says they have set up a coordinated distribution system that has seen the beer reach most parts of the country.

She adds the brand was slowly been adopted by consumers albeit slow.

“The good thing for us is that it is now out there and people have started knowing it is in the market and they are really taking to the product,” Mrs Karanja said.

Mrs Karanja reveals Keroche would soon be upgrading its plant to churn out more than the current 6,000 bottles per hour.

Mr Mbai however dismisses claims the exercise was done to fight off competition maintaining the brewer was confident of its current position.

Tusker Malt currently enjoys a four percent stake in the beer market and the new bottle is expected to hit all shelves in less than a week.

It is not clear how much was spent in re-branding the Tusker Malt beer, but Sh26 million is set to be used in advertising and marketing the new bottle.


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