Dangers of working without a plan

January 12, 2010

, Previously, we summarised that the investment group SWEET (Sisters With Eternal Energy and Trust) had put the horse before the cart by building their investment group on the basis of friendship rather than incorporating professional business management structures.

Let us use the story of a Nairobi beggar to best illustrate what went wrong with SWEET.

“In the street s of Nairobi roamed a blind and deaf beggar, who would hop his way in and out of streets while crossing major highways without any assistance to the astonishment of all. He knew when there was oncoming traffic and when there wasn’t. It was like he could see and hear. He even walked to and  from his home to the city. One day Mr Ampesa was being chauffeured in his brand new S-Class Mercedes Benz. He saw this beggar on the side of the road, observed his disabilities and was deeply saddened. He rolled down his window and gave the beggar a cheque of Sh100 million. The beggar was extremely grateful and praised the Lord for this blessing. He rushed to the bank right away, opened a bank account and banked the cheque. He was rich now. He bought a house in up market suburb Runda, a block of apartments in Kilimani and a new S-Class Mercedes Benz. He had made it!”

Ever heard of the story? I don’t think so because I just made it up! No one can be deaf and blind and cross a road without assistance. It’s impossible! No one will ever give you Sh100 million just like that. It’s Impossible!

SWEET’s members thought that without having goals and a strategic plan they could still hit the big time. It is as impossible as the blind and deaf beggar crossing a road. One will obviously trip on the pavement before they have got to the road. If the objectives of SWEET members were realistic and serious they would have designed a plan to chart where they were going and how they were going to get there, essentially a plan to succeed.

Without a plan one is clearly destined for failure. Next week we will review what a strategic plan for an investment group should cater for.

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