Kenya gets cheaper internet connections

December 2, 2009

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 2- Telecommunication provider Wananchi Group has slashed by more than 50 percent the prices of its residential broadband service dubbed ‘Zuku’ making it the most competitively priced product in the market.

The Group’s Chief Operating Officer Suhayl Esmailjee said on Wednesday that the move had been prompted by the need to extend the benefits of huge capacity of submarine bandwidth that is now available in the country.

“We now have a lot more aggressive prices, we are maintaining the speeds because the wireless medium can handle a maximum of one Megabit per second (Mbps),” he said.

Their package ‘Prosurf (256Kbps) which cost Sh2,999 is now Sh1,499, ‘Supersurf (516Kbps) was Sh5,999 but will now cost Sh2,499 while Megasurf (1Mbps) was Sh9,999 but will now be sold at Sh4,499.

The installation cost was also reduced from Sh5,800 to Sh2,999.

The announcement came a week after the government indicated that it will regulate internet prices.

While making the announcement, Esmailjee said they would provide unlimited connections at high speeds which would in turn change people’s way of life and transform Kenya into a knowledge-based economy.

During the function, the Group also announced the launch of another package dubbed ‘Zuku Biz’, a bandwidth package targeted at the Small and Medium Sized Enterprises and which delivers broadband internet to buildings in Nairobi through fibre.

“The Group has so far wired up forty buildings in Nairobi and we plan to wire up more buildings regularly. The new service will deliver broadband internet at unprecedented speeds, for an unbelievable price,” the COO said.

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