Toyota recalls trucks in USA

November 25, 2009

, WASHINGTON, Nov 25 – Japanese car giant Toyota has announced the recall of 110,000 of its pick up trucks in the United States, amid concern over corrosion on the vehicle\’s frame.

The company, in a statement, warned owners in cold areas that road salt could corrode parts of the frame, causing the spare wheel to come loose and damage to brake lines.

The defect is limited to the 2000 to 2003 models of the Toyota Tundra.

"The spare tire stowed under the truck bed may become separated from the rear cross-member," the company said. "Spare tire separation will create a road hazard for following vehicles and increase the likelihood of a crash."

Toyota also warned that corrosion may affect a valve on the rear brake line.

"If this occurs, it can lead to the loss of the rear brake circuits which will increase vehicle stopping distances and the risk of a crash."

Toyota is offering to fix the defect with "a corrosion-resistant compound" or the replacement of affected parts.

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