Kenya data firm sweetens its offer

October 23, 2009

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 23 – Kenya Data Networks (KDN) has announced increasing its bandwidth capacity four times for all existing and new customers at the same price.

KDN Chief Marketing Officer Vincent Wang’ombe said this would enable the service provider become  a one-stop provider of data solutions through provision of low cost bandwidth that will guarantee affordable and reliable high speed links in the region.

He said the increased capacity is in anticipation of increased uptake from customers and enterprises with new and innovative services from KDN to be unveiled soon.

With the onset of fiber optic connectivity in Kenya, pricing has become somewhat of a thorny issue with many consumers expecting internet costs to come down drastically.

However, players in the telecommunications sector have been slow to respond to this, saying it would take time to arrive at cheaper services. They argue they first have to make a return on their investment before the new costs can be passed on to the consumer.

KDN customers will now receive four Mega byte per second (Mbps) and will only pay for 1Mbps while the other 3 Mbps will be offered free of charge.

The increase in bandwidth comes after the company got connected to the SEACOM cable. It also has a stake on the TEAMS fibre cable.

KDN has in the past, slashed its Internet prices by 90% ensuring that KDN’s customers have access to affordable Internet and data solutions

“We are able to deliver the same, if not better, affordable telecommunications advances enjoyed by most countries in the developed world,” Mr Wang’ombe said.

The company’s network expansion in the region with increased links to major global internet hubs through the fiber optic cable, will benefit customers by providing redundancies should any disruption occur in a section of its network.

Mr Wang’ombe said the ever-growing demand for increased bandwidth and more capacity on the network is mainly due to the continued dependence on the internet.

He adds the increased capacity will put Kenya on track to becoming a high speed internet provider like other developed nations.

KDN’s focus on home broadband users with Butterfly Home office connection and SME businesses through the broadband service has created compelling alternatives for its customers to choose an appropriate broadband service for their various needs.

 “The increase in bandwidth is part of KDN’s commitment to support our clients by providing them with a world class infrastructure and adequate bandwidth capacity that will ensure an unmatched quality of service and a world class Internet experience,” he said.

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