Seychelles tourism courts Kenya

September 11, 2009

, NAIROBI Kenya, Sept 11 – Kenya was on Friday asked to partner with Seychelles in a situation termed as ‘win-win’ in a bid to promote the tourism sector by marketing both countries as twin destination options.

Speaking during a media briefing aimed at promoting the initiative, Seychelles Director of Tourism Marketing, Alain Ange said both Kenya and Seychelles had to work together to generate more revenue from the said sector which they claimed was under threat from economic down turn and climate change among others.

“We both depend on the tourism industry, and we need to be a vibrant industry. Our two countries have natural assets that complement each other; we are neighbours. Why not work together and in so doing, increase our visibility and increase our visitor numbers?” posed Mr Ange.

“The tourist numbers have decreased significantly as a result of the global recession; working together will improve this situation.”

Mr Ange said Africans should first become partners before partnering with other nations.
He said such partnerships would benefit Africa economically and asked the government authorities to push the proposal.

“So that Africa can come out winning. We are tied in by so many bodies, the African Union, COMESA, and many others; but we then need to put it into practice,” he said.

“We should single out the strengths of each country, and use these strengths to work for the promotion of this continent’s people.”

Referring to the twin centres destination, Mr Ange advised the government to programme its tourism marketing strategies with that of Seychelles.

“We should package it as the Kenyan safari and the Seychelles beach holiday,” he added.
“That way both countries will benefit in terms of publicity and the tourism sector will also be uplifted.”

He asserted that the whole of Africa ought to be brought together through such initiatives.
“As Africans we ought to explore each others’ countries and find out what each country has to offer,”

“So many of us travel to places outside the continent but Africa has enough good things to offer as well; let’s exploit her,” he affirmed.

He was also of the belief that the whole East Africa would benefit from the joint venture.


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