KenGen boss denies graft claims

September 10, 2009

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Sep 10 – KenGen Managing Director Eddy Njoroge has defended himself against corruption allegations that the Kenya Anti – Corruption Commission (KACC) is said to be investigating.

At a press briefing on Thursday, Mr Njoroge said he was clean and was only aware of one case involving the extension of a contract for drilling 15 wells that the anti-graft body has been probing since late last year.

“Eddy Njoroge is not KenGen and KenGen is not Eddy Njoroge.  There may be a perception that the two are synonymous but they are two distinct legal entities.  The fact that KACC may be investigating an issue in KenGen does not mean that they are investigating Eddy Njoroge,” he said.

The MD’s name appears in a list that was tabled in Parliament on Wednesday by Justice Minister Mutula Kilonzo detailing corruption investigations on prominent people some of which are still pending in court.

The MD said the company provided the commission with a full dossier in December 2008 regarding the wells after KACC wrote to him in November. He said he has not received any response from anti-graft body on the progress of the case.

“Could I have been pushing them to complete investigations knowing that I am guilty?” he posed.

“God, and through Jesus Christ, who I profess to be my personal Saviour, is my witness. I have never made a single shilling over and above my salary from this office,” he added.

Mr Njoroge challenged KACC to publicly confirm whether or not they are investigating him as an individual adding that anyone with information on any dealings by him should report to the relevant authorities.

While stating that he a big crusader of the fight on corruption, Mr Njoroge said success in this front would not be achieved by maligning people’s names.

“This war will not be won by tarnishing people’s character and name but by focussing on real issues. I have suffered great personal agony by joining the Public service.  Being accused of corruption is really the limit for me.  The one value I hold dearly is that of integrity,” the MD remarked.

At the same time, he expressed confidence that these accusations would not affect the newly launched Public Infrastructure Bond Offer, where the company hopes to raise Sh15 billion.

The bond is expected to start trading on November 9.

Mr Njoroge has served at the helm of the country’s electricity generating company since March 2003 when he was handpicked from the private sector.


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