Be positive, Kenyans urged

September 10, 2009

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Sept 10 – Kisumu Town East Member of Parliament, Shakeel Shabir has reprimanded Kenyans for not embracing the country’s positive attributes and instead dwelling on the negatives.

Speaking on Wednesday at the launch of two Embraer 135 planes for the Juba routes by Aircraft Leasing Services (ALS) Mr Shabir said that Kenya was among the most sought after tourist destinations and asked Kenyans to support local ventures.

“Kenya has got everything but we don’t value what we have; we don’t accentuate the positive, we show the worst face forward and killing ourselves,” he said.

“We must take advantage of the investment opportunities in Kenya, and this is the right time,” he noted.

Mr Shabir was of the belief that the expansion and growth of a local flight company was of more significance to the opening up of the East and Central Africa.

“Air transport plays an important role in the daily activities of our growing economy. It is inconceivable to think of commerce in the absence of air transport,” observed he.

The MP encouraged Small and Medium Enterprises to take advantage of the traveling opportunities to explore new frontiers available outside the country.

“We are aware that as part of the Vision 2030 goals, plans are underway for the upgrade of some 52 airstrips in the country.”

He also called upon Kenyans to work hand in hard to improve the sustainability and efficiency of the existing air travel facilities.

“We ought to ensure the provision of adequate and cost effective air travel services despite the current economic downturn that continues to adversely affect business,” encouraged Mr Shabir.

ASL Managing Director Aslam Khan echoed Mr Shabir’s views adding that Kenya was a great hub for investment. He explained that the introduction of the new flights to Juba were an indication that investors were willing to commit themselves towards developing African countries.

“Regional markets provide us with huge opportunities which is why we have found it prudent to increase investment at the most difficult financial crisis,” he said.

Mr Khan attributed the introduction of the new flights to an increase in the passenger load.

“These increases are enough evidence that more people are seeking jet experience as air travel becomes an important mode of transport especially for the business community,” he noted.  

The Embraer 135 planes are scheduled to begin operations on September 15 in a venture that will cost the airline 30 million dollars.


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