Michael Jackson memorial tickets for sale

July 6, 2009

, LOS ANGELES, Jul 6 – Tickets for Michael Jackson\’s memorial were advertized for sale on the Internet on Sunday as the winners of a hugely over-subscribed online lottery were notified.

Some 1.6 million people registered to enter the draw for the event, hoping to be among 8,750 lucky fans chosen at random by a computer to receive a pair of tickets for Tuesday\’s service.

Late Sunday, dozens of adverts offering tickets for sale had begun to appear on the popular craigslist.org website, although most were swiftly flagged for removal. Tickets were also offered on online auction house eBay.com with starting bids ranging from 200 to 500 dollars.

Authorities on Friday pleaded against ticket scalpers seeking to cash in on the event.

Ticket winners who beat the 183-1 odds of being chosen will be given a wristband to wear when they are issued with their tickets in order to make it harder for scalpers.

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