Data firm KDN goes green

July 15, 2009

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 15 – Kenya Data Networks (KDN) has commissioned a Sh7.4 million solar power plant that will allow rural folk access to low cost electricity and internet connectivity.

According to a statement from the firm, KDN has partnered with some green energy companies – Numeric India and Battery Technologies of South Africa – and hopes to not only provide customers with efficient power solutions but also ensure they reap expected benefits of efficient telecoms services once the undersea fibre optic cables become operational.

KDN Chief Executive Officer Kai Wulff says the plant will further help industrial consumers cut down on operational costs and guard against interruptive power outages.

“Our green power solutions will be core in assisting the rural areas that do not have electricity still access internet connectivity at an affordable cost whilst also providing green energy to power their daily activities,” he said and added: “Our aim is to ensure the whole of the country is connected and no area is left behind. With green power available digital villages’ rollout will not be a challenge any more.”

Mr Wulff revealed that through the use of green energy, the firm has been able to reduce its costs by 80 percent during the sunny season and 50 percent during the cold season and have attained return on their investment within eight months.

He said KDN will be able to provide power related equipment like batteries, solar panels, charge controllers, energy saving bulbs, inverters and other electronics to enable customers enjoy the full benefits of green power.

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