Varsity study supports PPPs

June 28, 2009

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 28 – A new research report on Public Private Partnerships (PPP) has recommended the formation of a national office of PPPs within the Ministry of Local Government to increase the efficiency of such partnerships.

The   report that was compiled by researchers from United States International University (USIU) is further recommending an amendment on the current procurement law which it says in its present form limits certain PPP initiatives.

The report that was presented to the Ministry of Local Government has recommended joint public – private ventures as the best means to confront challenges facing urban development efforts.

Speaking during the launch of the report, Research leader Doctor Francis Wambalaba stated the need for enhancing partnership strategies in the city of Nairobi.

“The report aims at recommending a framework for the restoration of Nairobi’s image into a world class city through infrastructure strategies, increased dialogue and public-private partnership within the context of a developing country,” Dr Wambalaba said.

Issues such as corruption, mistrust amongst various partners and lack of proper consultation have been mentioned in the report as some of the issues hampering PPPs in the country.

The report further lists tedious procurement laws, a lack of transparency when handing out government contracts and cumbersome legal processes as reasons why some members of the private sector have shied away from working with the government.
Speaking while receiving the report, Assistant Minister for Local Government Lewis Nguyai, acknowledged that the private sector plays an important role in urban development.

Mr Nguyai stated that the government is committed to working in partnership with the private sector to restore Nairobi into a world class city but cited lack of proper legislative structures, bureaucracy and corruption as among challenges facing this venture. 

“The Government acknowledges the important role of partnerships with the private sector and the civil society but we need to deal with the issue of corruption.  It is one of the biggest problems in this country and permeates even the most noblest of human being” he cautioned.

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