Ukraine makes gas payment

June 8, 2009

, MOSCOW, June 8 – Russian energy giant Gazprom said on Monday it had received Ukraine\’s May gas payment in full, after warnings that a missed payment by Kiev could lead to a new gas crisis.

"Yes, we got it," Gazprom spokesman Sergei Kupriyanov told AFP. When asked how much had been received, he said: "As much as we needed, we received."

Ukrainian state gas firm Naftogaz said Friday its gas bill for May was 647 million dollars (464 million euros) and that it had sent the payment in full.

Earlier Russia had warned repeatedly that crisis-battered Ukraine would have difficulty paying its bills and that missed payments could lead to a repeat of the January gas crisis, which severely disrupted gas supplies to Europe.

When asked whether Ukraine would be able to pay its bills for June, Kupriyanov said: "Unlikely."


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