Kenya hopeful over Delta flights

June 5, 2009

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 5 – Transport Minister Chirau Mwakwere is optimistic that security concerns that led to the cancellation of  US based Delta Air Lines maiden flight into Kenya will soon be sorted out.

Mwakwere says though passenger security is paramount he is confident that the cancellation will not act as a deterrent for other investors willing to enter the Kenyan market.

“This security issues do not relate to Kenya because the point of landing is just an element in the chain,” Mr Mwakwere said.
Mr Mwakwere said the two governments are working together to ensure that the issues raised by US Homeland Security are ironed out expeditiously.

Mwakere expressed confidence that the issue will be settled and the direct flights to Kenya from Atlanta to Nairobi should start soon. 

In the meantime, the Court of Appeal has declined to allow a local airline to continue using the Delta name following opposition from the American-registered Delta Airlines.

Appeal judges Riaga Amollo, Phillip Waki and Emannuel O\’Okubasu declined to set aside a high court order barring Delta Connection Ltd, a regional airline from using its trademark pending the determination of the main appeal.

The bench dismissed the application saying it was incompetent and filed under the wrong rules.

The bench directed that the main appeal be heard on Monday.

Delta Connection has filed an appeal seeking a stay of the decision made by Milimani Commercial Court Judge Joyce Khaminwa barring it from using the word ”Delta” on its aircraft tickets, flight schedules, in-flight magazines and other printed materials.

Judge Khaminwa in March restrained the company from selling, distributing and marketing tickets with Delta Airlines trademarks and further using devises or designation with close resemblance to that of the American company.

Delta Connection wants to be allowed to use its brand name arguing that the high court order is going to ground its operations.

The American company moved to court complaining that Delta Connection Ltd will confuse customers and ride on the goodwill of the company which operates in 92 countries around the world.

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