Death spurs sale of MJ albums in Kenya

June 26, 2009

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 26 – Fans of the late Michael Jackson have been streaming in music stores in Nairobi to buy the King of Pop\’s music and memorabilia.

Silverbird Cinema Media Store Deputy Manager Melvin Munyua told Capital Business that most of the icon’s music albums and collections were sold out and they\’ve had to make more orders.

“The first inquiries when we opened the shop were all Michael Jackson oriented. One out of every five customers wants any paraphernalia to do with him,” he said.

Michael Jackson died in a Los Angeles hospital on Thursday afternoon where he had been rushed after he suffered cardiac arrest.

Mr Munyua said they were planning a big sale ahead of MJ\’s comeback tour in London next month, but the sudden death would force them to fast track importation of new stock.

“We were going to do a big push because of the UK (United Kingdom) tour which we knew he was going to set records so most of his stuff is still coming in as we speak. The supplies were going to come in a month’s time but now they have to come in earlier because as much as it is a sad thing, we have to jump onto the bandwagon,” he said.

In the meantime, he said they were selling the stock they had shipped in last year although he declined to give figures of how many copies have been sold.

“We have what came in last year,” the manager said referring to the 25th anniversary of the ‘Thriller’ collection.

“Thriller’ was the most successful album of the music legend and sold an estimated 100–109 million copies, a record which has not been broken by any other artist since its release in November 1982.

“Anyone who has a copy (of the album) should hold on to it because it is going to become very expensive,” Mr Munyua advised.

He also added that they are also planning to have a Michael Jackson promotion next week in memory of the superstar.

“We might have people wearing moccasins, white socks and gloves and that kind of thing,” he said of the icon’s popular fashion trademark.

Meanwhile, Kenyan fans have continued to express shock at the pop star’s sudden death and to also pay tributes to the fallen hero.

Local artists Wyre the Love Child and Amani, say they are inspired by Michael Jackson’s dance moves and style.

"Before Michael there was no one who quite entertained people on stage. He went an extra mile”, said Wyre.

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