Telkom launches quadruple communication system

April 16, 2009

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 16 – Local organisations are set to benefit from an innovative quadruple play communication solution that integrates different technologies in one package.

This follows the launch of the ‘Orange Business Services’ by Telkom Kenya on Thursday, which converges network systems, voice, video services and data solutions to provide a one stop shop communication solution for corporates.

“By integrating all the services together, a business can increase its production, offer value, simplify applications and provide dedicated support,” explained Telkom Kenya Deputy Chief Executive Officer Peter Reinartz.

He said that through the use of the platform, which provides a means through which data, voice and video services is transferred speedily and efficiently on a secured Internet Protocol, corporates would be able to make approximately 20 percent savings.

“If for example you have your employees calling each other on one tariff and within one closed user group, the savings that you can realise from that are substantial and they can even go as high up as 30 percent,” he said.

While observing that many companies are often limited by IT and communication challenges, the CEO pointed out that by offering high performing, secure and efficient solutions, their product enables corporates to concentrate on their core areas thus improving service delivery for their customers.

Mr Reinartz added that the launch consolidates the company’s position as an integrated service provider that also offers fixed line, mobile and wireless services.

At the same function, the company disclosed that it would soon launch its Blackberry services in the market.

The official said that so far, they have about 800,000 customers on their GSM network, which was launched in November last year under the brand ‘Orange’.

Mr Reinartz said that they would continue to invest heavily in putting up an additional fibre to ensure that their transmission backbone where data is assembled and transmitted is upgraded.

“We contracted Alcatel as the supplier of our transmission backbone, which is almost being completed, and it covers the whole country,” he said of the technology that will see the firm having points of presence in nine major cities across the country.

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