Customised mobile software for Kenya

February 12, 2009

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 12 –   A Norwegian telecom firm that provides software solutions for terminal management has developed a software to allow mobile phones to be pre-configured with bookmarks, SMS inbox with WAP push messages before being sold to the Kenyan market.

Moota Telecom Chief Operating Officer and Vice President for Africa Francis Stephens George said that the company was keen to ensure that as many people as possible access data enabled mobile phones with the growing revolution in the mobile market in Kenya.

“Research has shown that handset configurations and settings represent the biggest challenge for users of mobile data services. For low end users with low-middle end devices and living in rural areas, this challenge becomes even more pronounced, which is why we are customising a solution for Kenya,’’ Mr George said.

Mr George who was speaking at the Interactive Media Services (IMS) offices during a partnership signing ceremony said Moota and IMS have invested considerable resources in customising both pre and post configuration software targeting the Kenyan market.

"The customised software will allow subscribers unlimited access to WAP, MMS, Internet, streaming-mail and VOIP,’’ said IMS General Manager Kiran Dhadialla.

Mr George said Moota and IMS are now able to provide proven concepts on how advanced terminal management can be used to gain significant market advantages in a fast growing mobile internet industry.

"We have development centres in Oslo and in Colombo made up of highly skilled developers who have a long track record of delivering state of the art products based on industry standards,’’ Mr George added.

Ms Dhadialla said 80 percent of the mobile growth in the next years is predicted to come from previously untapped markets and untapped end-user segments.

‘’The first billion mobile phones took around 20 years to sell worldwide. The second billion were sold in four years. The third billion were sold in two years. Coverage has expanded and mobile phone subscriptions in developing countries have increased by over 500 percent since 2000,’’ Ms Dhadialla said.

Ms Dhadialla said the Moota and IMS partnership will allow mobile users in Kenya access faster mobile internet access and make the mobile phone a powerful information and entertainment centre.

“Pre and post configuration of mobile handsets ready for mobile internet and WAP is key. This provides access to information leading to greater participation in trade and commerce,” Ms Dhadialla said.

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