Scouting for the Sh3.5m face

September 9, 2008

, NAIROBI, September 9 – You have a chance to win $50,000 (Sh3.5 million) in cash and a contract that could put several millions into your bank account, if you show up at the PanAfric hotel on September 13.

Ok, you also have to be female and stunning!

It’s another year and M-net is Facing off African beauties against each other to select those with the x-factor, or if you prefer, the it-factor, to represent the continent in global catwalks.

The fashion scouting crew will be in Nairobi, Kenya this weekend so now it’s up to you to either show up or tell those pretty ladies you know to give it a shot.

Three finalists have already been chosen, Totwana ‘Tito’ Tema of Botswana (picture above), and two Namibian lovelies Albertina Shigwedha and Maria Hiwilepo.

It’s already a tall competition, since all three are well over 1.71 metres!

24-year-old psychologist Tito was picked first at a casting in Gaborone recently. A week later, 19-year-old hairdresser Shigwedha and 24-year-old student pilot Hiwilepo became the second and third finalists at a casting at the Protea Hotel Furstenhof in Windhoek, Namibia.  

The trio were handpicked from many aspiring hopefuls by Face of Africa casting scouts, the dynamic Kaone Kario (Face of Africa 2005) and model industry veteran Andiswa Manxiwa.

Speaking about their Face of Africa selection process, the scouts said: “from the moment it began… we have met talented, committed and confident young African women of our generation who are bold and brave enough to chase their dreams!”

Kario and Manxiwa will head to 13 different countries over the next six weeks as they search for Africa’s newest catwalk sensation!

Those chosen will journey to the scenic island of Zanzibar in October to participate in a special Model ‘Boot-Camp’ at which the Top 10 finalists will be selected for the 2008 Finale, in Sun City on Saturday November 29.

The winning prize is a whopping $50,000 in cash and a three-year modeling contract with O Model Africa.

Other prizes include a year’s accommodation in Johannesburg and Cape Town where O Model Africa operates, a life coaching course and financial advice as well as photographic test shoots, and the development of a modeling portfolio.


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