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August 15, 2008

, NAIROBI, August 15 – East African Community Permanent Secretary David Nalo has called upon Companies in the region to embrace branding as an integral practice in business as part of their marketing strategy.

Nalo told a gathering of regional Chief Executives that with the integration of the East African countries, competition was bound to increase and as such only the best will survive.

Speaking at the Superbrands East Africa Volume one book launch, the PS challenged companies to be innovative in branding as they strive to remain globally competitive.

Nalo said: “It is important to encourage innovation in our branding as this is critical in these competitive markets where differentiation is a key determinant in positioning of a superbrand vis-à-vis competition.”

“Superbrands attain a status of approval and prestige which elevates consumer experience further. This stabilises our brands and enables them to weather numerous storms occasioned by market dynamics.”

The PS noted that branding would be key to attracting potential investors in the region and urged companies to consider it as an art in business.

The Superbrands organisation is an independent arbiter that pays tribute to brands that it considers exceptional. The organisation also publishes a series of brand-focused books and publications.

Addressing the CEOs, Information and Communication Minister Samuel Poghisio urged companies in the region to strive to meet the standards.

He noted that with the publishing of the book competition was bound to intensify as more companies strive to get a share of the market both locally and globally.

“It offers us a great opportunity as East Africans to be able to showcase the success of our local brands in the international arena. This is a good platform considering that East Africa is home to numerous homegrown brands,” Poghisio added.

Superbrands has launched its programs in many key global markets and has publications in over 82 countries
Group Chief Operating Officer Steve Dodgson said the success of the first East African Superbrands project is a reflection of the rising importance of branding in the vibrant and growing economy.

 “As the only book of its kind dedicated exclusively to the region\’s leading brands, Superbrands East Africa book is going to be the local marketing community\’s premier source of information,” he noted.

A total of 64 strong brands in East Africa have been featured in the book, most of whom are Kenyan based.

The large format publication contains double page, full colour features telling the full story of East Africa\’s Superbrands for 2007/2008.

Each article, specially commissioned by Superbrands, traces the foundation and development of the brand under the headings The Market, Achievements, History, the Product, Recent Developments, Promotion and Brand Values.

There is also a ‘Things you didn’t know’ section which highlights interesting facts about the brand and its unique achievements.

Capital Fm is one of the companies that have been featured in the book for its niche in the entertainment market. It is the only broadcast company that has been given the recognition.

Besides it has remained the first in providing timely, authoritative and non contradictory news.

“Radio is creative, flexile and an ever changing medium that prompts the need to constantly review content,” notes the book.

Sports editor James Wokabi last year scooped the coveted recognitions by both the BBC and CNN for his outstanding work.

In 2004 CFM was awarded ‘Best Radio Studio’ by the Computer Society of Kenya for being the radio medium with the best use of ICT tools in studio automation.

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