Food security: Are we doing enough

May 20, 2008

, The rising cost of living in the country is a worrying trend pitted against the backdrop of a torpid economy that suffered heavily under the hands of the post election skirmishes.

The announcement that the price of fuel had hit the 100-mark last week added salt to injury for many Kenyans who are struggling just to put a meal on the table what with the skyrocketing food prices.

Despite continued government assurances that it has enough in its food banks, prices still continue to soar. Specialists the world over have been warning of a looming food shortage attributed to many factors, including the rising costs of fuel and global warming, among others.

In Kenya, with many farmers in the country’s bread basket that is the Rift Valley and Western Provinces where extensive tracts of farm land have stayed unattended due to violence, there is danger that the country would be unable to feed the population in the next three months.

The high price of fertiliser is also another factor that is inflating the problem.

Although the surge in fuel prices is due to the worsening scene on the international market, the government is yet to show any commitment towards regulating the industry, which has for a long time been run by cartels.

With this in mind our question is: is the government doing enough to avert this crisis?

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