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Tapeworm lived in man’s brain for four years

A 50-year-old man lived with a tapeworm in his brain for four years because

Obscenely titled beer causes outrage

A beer called "F***ing Hell", which is named after the Austrian village

Bus service powered by human waste

A new bus service, which will provide a shuttle service between two British

Ronaldo made to wash dishes after poker loss

Brazilian footballer Ronaldo lost out in a head-to-head poker match against

Thousands of bats drop dead in Australia

Thousands of rotting bat carcasses have emerged in the quiet town of Casino


Drugs played huge part in David Bowie’s success, says former guitarist

Legendary rocker David Bowie was a heavy cocaine user during the peak

Foo Fighters not asked about Glastonbury

Dave Grohl insists Foo Fighters have not yet been asked to perform at

Ed Sheeran: The music industry is overcrowded

Ed Sheeran thinks artists are unwilling to help and support their chart

Chris Martin ditches Gwyneth Paltrow’s vegetarian diet

Chris Martin has quit his vegetarian diet in the wake of his split from

Dolly Parton fasts before writing songs

Dolly Parton likes to get in touch with her spiritual side before writing


Hulk Hogan wants a role in ‘The Expendables 4′

Hulk Hogan would love a role in the next 'Expendables' movie and is sure

Jude Law to star in King Arthur movie

Guy Ritchie has hired his 'Sherlock Holmes' actor Jude Law to play a villain

‘At least’ three more Fast and Furious films planned

The 'Fast & Furious' franchise will continue for "at least" three

Amanda Bynes threatens to kill her parents

Actress Amanda Bynes says she wants to kill her parents in a series of

‘Girls’ series creator slams unrealistic sex scenes

Lena Dunham finds unrealistic "glossy" sex scenes depressing and would