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Dance Prisoner, Dance!

Some of Peru's toughest prisoners were among 1,200 inmates who donned multi-colored gym outfits and tried to break a dancing world record. Showing off their best Latin moves, the inmates took part in a massive aerobics dance class, aiming to set a new mark for the number of people dancing in jail at

Attention Guys! There is NO Free Sex!

  Just a reminder guys -- there is no free sex! In Melrose, Florids, 20-year-old Jennifer Leigh Robbins and 24-year-old Matthew Stuart Pauley have been arrested after attacking and robbing a man who thought he was going to have sex!           Robbins allegedly lured the victim

Bike That Can Fly!

Two British designers have unveiled a flying bicycle that can reach altitudes of up to 4,000 feet and doesn't require a pilot's license! Yannick Read and John Foden claim their XploreAir X1 is the world's first flying bike and that it could revolutionize the way we travel for work, leisure and adventure.

Being Married Is Cheaper!

Ladies -- looking for a way to encourage him to get off his butt and propose? Show him that being single costs a whole lot more!   While everyone talks about how expensive weddings can be these days, the price tag on one's nuptials is a mere pittance compared with the cost of remaining single.

Boys in blue kept in check by hello kitty!

  Officials in Bangkok have come up with a creative way to keep their police force in line. Thai police officers who break rules will now be forced to wear hot pink armbands featuring the "Hello Kitty" logo as a mark of shame.   Police officers caught littering, parking in prohibited areas,

Motorist loses his leg but has no idea!

In Japan, a 54-year-old motor biker failed to notice that HIS LEG HAD BEEN SEVERED BELOW THE KNEE after hitting a safety barrier and continued to ride for more than a mile, leaving a friend behind to pick up the severed limb!   He later reported he did feel excruciating pain, but didn't notice

World’s First Nail-Biting Rehab!

There's a new kind of Rehab center opening up in the Netherlands -- the world's first treatment center exclusively for nail-biters! Director Alain-Raymond van Abbe of the Institute for Pathological Onychophagy says he and his team have invented an aid to make nail-biting impossible and claims initial

Is Kanye West a Cheat?

 News just came in that 24 year old Leyla Ghobadi, who is a Canadian model, has alleged that she has been having an ongoing sexual relationship with rapper, Kanye West .         Leyla gave Star magazine an interview where she revealed the nature of her relationship with the father-to-be.

Freya, the cat, is a spy! Really?

In Britain, Chancellor George Osborne's cat is literally been accused of being a foreign spy. Freya the cat raised suspicion when she suddenly returned to the Downing Street family home after disappearing for two years. If that weren't enough, the cat has reportedly been turning up in highly sensitive

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