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  • Senate asked to tame MPs on Equalization Fund

    NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 7 - Civil society groups are asking the Senate to reject a Constitution amendment Bill which was passed by the National Assembly on October 1, placing management of the Equalization Fund under MPs. Civil society groups under The Devolution Forum are... Read more

  • Ngunyi wanted in court despite beer, goat apology

    NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 7 - It all started as mere freedom of expression on the unregulated social media space. But a message posted on Twitter by political scientist Mutahi Ngunyi now has him in deep trouble with law enforcers. On Wednesday, things got tough after Nairobi... Read more

  • Kikwete honoured with key to Nairobi, street name

    NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 7 - One of the key highlights of the visit to Kenya by Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete was the presentation of a key to Nairobi City and the renaming of a road after him. These two are symbolic gestures of trust and kindness which foreshadow a deep... Read more

  • President Kikwete gets ambulance from Dr Kirubi

    NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 6 - Industrialist Dr Chris Kirubi has announced that he will buy an ambulance made at General Motors East Africa as a gift for Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete following his Kenya visit. Kirubi says the present to the President will also give him an... Read more

  • Raila: Uhuru’s people fixed Ruto, ask him the questions

    NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 6 - As the blame game continues over who procured witnesses to 'fix' Deputy President William Ruto at the International Criminal Court, ex-PM Raila Odinga has turned the guns on Uhuru Kenyatta, saying his people were responsible. Odinga on Tuesday said... Read more