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  • MPs team blocks Sh14bn Galana project

    NAIROBI, Kenya, Sept 17 - The National Assembly’s Agriculture Committee has suspended a contract for the development of a 10,000 acre model farm in Galana-Kulalu issued to Green Arava Company. The committee chairman Adan Mohammed said nothing tangible had been done despite... Read more

  • Mvurya honours Senate summons over audit queries

    NAIROBI, Kenya, Sept 17 - The Deputy Chairman of the Council of Governors Salim Mvurya has heeded summons to appear before the Senate's Sessional County Public Accounts and Investments Committee over audit queries. Mvurya who is the Kwale Governor urged the committee to... Read more

  • MCA slaps Dead Beat Kenya with libel suit

    NAIROBI, Kenya, Sept 17 - A member of the Kiambu County Assembly has sued Facebook group Dead Beat Kenya for publishing false allegations that he has neglected his child. Paul Karungo Thang'wa has also sued the woman who claimed that he has failed to provide for the child.... Read more

  • UDF leadership circus as chairman rejects ouster

    NAIROBI, Kenya, Sept 17 - The United Democratic Front has removed Hassan Osman as the party chairman due to what it terms as gross misconduct and abusive speech. Speaking during a press conference on Wednesday, the party's Parliamentary Group Chief Whip Roba Duba indicated... Read more

  • ICC witness says prosecution gave him prepared statement

    NAIROBI, Kenya, Sep 17 - The 23rd witness in the case against Deputy President William Ruto and Joshua arap Sang on Wednesday told the International Criminal Court (ICC) that the Office of The Prosecutor (OTP) gave him a written statement which he was asked to sign. The... Read more