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  • China, Djibouti in talks over naval operations base

    CHINA, Nov 26 - China on Thursday confirmed it is in negotiations with Djibouti to build a logistics hub for military operations in the strategically vital African entrepot. The announcement comes as Beijing seeks to expand its international security role, particularly... Read more

  • Beauty contestant barred over ‘Taiwan’ sash: government

    TAIPEI, Nov 25 - A beauty contestant from Taiwan has been suspended from an international pageant after Beijing objected to the sash she was wearing, the woman and the government in Taipei said. Ting Wen-yin was kept out of the Miss Earth contest in Austria because she... Read more

  • Chinese media says birth discrimination must end

    Beijing, Nov 25 - Chinese state-run media called Wednesday for children born outside the country's one-child policy to be given crucial household registration documents, an issue that has left as many as 13 million in legal limbo. A "hukou" registration is essential in... Read more

  • Almost all donated organs unused in China

    CHINA, Nov 24 - Almost all human organs donated for transplant in China go unused, state-run media said, after years of controversy about the use of body parts from executed prisoners. Authorities expected to have more than 2,500 organ donors this year, the Beijing Youth... Read more

  • Xi calls for partnerships for economic reforms

    BRISBANE, Australia Nov 23 - Chinese President Xi Jinping has urged development partners to forge a relationship that will promote economic reforms and implement the overall growth strategy across the world. Xi spoke when he attended the Ninth G20 Leaders’ Summit held... Read more