• Mjbugua155

    i want to taste some of this flavors in kenya

  • Njugunakim

    that blackcurrant looks really sweeeet.

  • Dee Sadz Shalott

    Never tasted passion and grape,but my favorite is blackcurrent

  • Njoroge Rose

    Bring Grape and Passion in Kenya. Please!!!!!!!!!!

  • oj

    am off to get a fanta

  • josemaria excriva

    imma blackcurrant junkie

  • Rosieboo22

    Grape in Kenya.

  • Dj Pukka Nyanchome

    When you hold that cold bottle of Fanta Orange in your hand and just imagine the cool liquid going down your throat…considering that you have not eaten the whole day, your imagination kind of goes crazy on you. Your heart races just a bit and you just can’t wait for that first sweet drop to hit your tongue. So you open the bottle, falling short of swirling the liquid and grabbing a whiff of it, you tip the bottom. Your eyes literally close as you feel it coursing down… Now that’s a Kodak moment

  • Cptech

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