Kenya’s main airport, JKIA on fire

, JKIA-FIRE-ENGINESNAIROBI, Kenya Aug 7 – Operations were grounded at Kenya’s main airport, JKIA on Wednesday following a major fire that broke out at dawn, authorities said, adding flights were being diverted to other airports.

“There is a serious fire at JKIA, but we are doing everything possible to avert a crisis,” Interior and Coordination of National Government Principal Secretary Mutea Iringo said.

His office also posted on twitter “A serious fire at JKIA kindly take caution.”

Fire fighters were battling the inferno.

Witnesses said they had seen a huge smoke billowing from the international arrivals and departure areas, but there were no immediate reports of casualties.

  • pum pum

    hei!!!god forbid oh!!!chukwa ebogfa!!

    • Mike

      So sad for our country

  • Mugaathe

    Oooooooooooh No! not after the KPC Fuel debacle

  • Tim Kabs

    August 8th will always remain a dark day to our country..God Bless Kenya.

  • Lars

    i feel like this was caused by some ignorant/poorly trained employee. fires don’t just happen in airports unless there was malicious intent or ignorance.

  • Afi

    At least I know we’ll be getting a renovation now. Loooong overdue.

  • Mirieri Moindi John

    am going to tell you why the Kenyan shilling does not reflect the actual value this is what European union did by match fixing its currency instead of letting the market changes .export of Mira a is affected simple no foreign currency ,JKIA today which hosts thousands of tourists a day is in dire danger according to sources tourism is the highest earner in the country ,rumors are sponsors have pulled out we might never know the actual truth but the reality is their sure are hard times ahead…

    • Kwessi Pratt

      Electing suspects has real consequences indeed. Had the leadership not been having issues with ICC, western planes would have been seen fighting the fire. Our much touted Chinese are as primitive as us!!!!

    • Duncan Muchina

      …that will quickly move from worse to the worst possible but you know what? Kenya will come out smiling and stronger than ever before! Long live our beloved Kenya!!!! You can do it!!

  • Kwessi Pratt

    Malicious pulling down of duty free shop must have messed up electrical wires. Persons behind that beastly act MUST now be brought to account.

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