Raila: Ruling was akin to Jesus before Pilate

Odinga said the Supreme Court failed to heed his plea when it rejected the admission of evidence that he considered crucial in his case that was challenging the declaration of Uhuru Kenyatta as winner of the March 4 presidential election/COURTESY

Odinga said the Supreme Court failed to heed his plea when it rejected the admission of evidence that he considered crucial in his case that was challenging the declaration of Uhuru Kenyatta as winner of the March 4 presidential election/COURTESY

NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 5 – Prime Minister Raila Odinga has scorned at the Supreme Court, comparing its recent ruling in his petition to the biblical verdict delivered by Pontius Pilate which led to the release of Barabas, the murderer, and the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Speaking in Kondele, Odinga said the Supreme Court failed to heed his plea when it rejected the admission of evidence that he considered crucial in his case that was challenging the declaration of Uhuru Kenyatta as winner of the March 4 presidential election.

“Let everyone listen to this, I asked people to be patient, when we said we were going to the Supreme Court. We waited for the supreme court of ruling. The Supreme Court sat during Easter; during Easter there was only one other court that sat, that was the court of Pontius Pilate which committed Jesus to death,” he asserted in Kiswahili.

He explained that he presented his grievances to the court but his petition was unanimously rejected by the court which kept striking off and rejecting his evidence.

“It was between Jesus and Barabas; they (crowds) were asked who do you want, they said they wanted Barabas. We have a new Pilate, we took enough evidence, he (judge) said, ‘remove this evidence, I don’t want this evidence’, didn’t you see?” he asked the surging crowd.

“Then Pilate ruled that Jesus should be hanged 2,013 years ago. But today Jesus is not dead he is still alive. Even us we will continue moving forward,” Odinga told the cheering crowd.

Odinga’s and the Africa Centre for Open Governance petitions were unanimously rejected by the court. The two petitions were seeking to have the election of Kenyatta nullified on basis that the electoral process was flawed.

The six judges of the Supreme Court whose president is Chief Justice Willy Mutunga declared that the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) conducted free, fair and transparent elections according to the Constitution.

That judgement confirmed Uhuru Kenyatta as the duly elected next president of Kenya.

Odinga reiterated several times that he would accept the ruling of the court.

During his Friday tour of Nyanza Province, Odinga informed his support base that he will not quit politics.

Accompanied by local MPs, Odinga was overwhelmed by supporters with some breaking down in tears while others offered him a bible to take an oath. He told the residents to hold their horses as the journey was not yet over.

In his proverbial antics, he said ‘when a cooking stick breaks that does not signify the end of the cooking’ a clear illustration that he would remain in politics as he has been promising.

Kenyatta won with a 50.07 percent of the votes cast while Odinga who was his closest contender got 43.28 percent in the March 4 General Election.



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  • Gabby

    How does this aetheist know how to derive Biblical analogies? Must have been Tseikuru who gave him that one……..

  • Little Hiti

    …this guys has definitely lost his quite alot of his marbles … next….will he claim that his ‘tribulations’ are meant to save the souls of men ??? The mere likening of himself to Jesus is just insane …but probably not so much. Some dudes committed suicide after he lost in the Supreme Court ??? They wouldn’t commit suicide for God but they would for him …the apostasy is too great. Scaring even…amazingly …he lives on!!!!

  • Gabby

    Raila insinuates the Prezz-elect is Barabas the crook and he is the nice one……….’always kama pamba’………

  • Gabby

    Now he has left the country to South Africa almost unnoticed. Reminds me of a losing kid who sulks and bolts out of the house so as not to be present when the parents finally give a previoulsy promised prize to a younger brother after a fierce compettiton as to who would do better at the end of the term. I can tell you it is one of those slip out of the country unnoticed ‘strategies and come back ‘pre-announced’ à la Matiba in ’92 and ‘ride-to-victory’ kind of stunts. Anyone remember the let-the-public-miss-you for a while and come back with a ‘Hummer’ stunt? RAO when he is back will do an airport straight to Uhuru park move to make demands……… Watch this space…..

  • indsn

    At this rate someone will soon land in real trouble. History has plenty to teach.

    What happened to Jomo Kenyatta when he visited Nyanza?

    Why did Arap Moi become Vice President?

    What did Moi do for Jaramogi Odinga after Kenyatta died? And what was Odinga’s response to Moi’s gentlemanly gesture? J Odinga died as a political outcast after falling out with Moi who had given him a second chance.

    Moi imprisoned RAO for six years – why?

    And now Moi was bad, Kibaki was bad and Uhuru is bad. But Kenya must move forward.

    Mungiki has been closely working with RAO ever since the end of PEV. Even when they wrote a damaging letter to CJ they were bed fellows with CORD politically.

    It is also significant to note that the only serious violence during the 2013 election was the killing of policemen in Mombasa by MRC in a CORD stronghold. So who is behind MRC ?

    Given what happened in 1982 you can never tell and hopefully testimonies from those arrested for MRC police killings will shade some light.

    About the SC rulling – did RAO not express complete satisfaction with the new judicial system headed by current CJ before filing his petition?

    But even in 2008 it was alleged that a high court judge had been lined up to swear in RAO at Uhuru Park and police had to stop this at any cost. Eventually the swearing in was at State House. And now he was offered a bible in Nyanza to do what? I bet there was a high court judge present at that large gathering of fervent supporters to beat the official swearing in on Tuesday.

    But continued use of others and association with Mungiki and MRC are what may lead to real trouble. Unless there is overt change of heart and tact soon or later RAO will land himself in real trouble expecting sympathies from his many supporters.

  • http://twitter.com/jakio45 James

    let him be a president .But God in Heaven He is the King not kikuyu

  • Nairobi gal

    Its just amazing how blinded someone becomes when defending the people
    they love…or adore. I have been asking myself something in this whole
    fight and praises of RAO, did he fight for democracy alone? what the
    hell do we say to the like of Matiba, who is languishing is sickness and
    a myriad of issues thanks to the beatings and other stuff he received in the fight for freedom, apparently for those who don’t remember, UK campaigned for Matiba in ’92 and today as UK is abt to be sworn in, Matiba wont attend his swearing in.. do you know how sad that is? anyway, wat abt all
    the other men and women, including their mothers who had to strip so the
    cops wod not beat them up…does anyone know the humiliation those
    women went through fighting for their sons and daughters stripping in-front of their sons… these are African women who cannot have their kids see their nakedness but here they are stripping naked for them!!! Now, all we hear everyday is how RAO saved this
    country… Puhliz! Fine I respect him, but please lets get a life, most
    of us who scream loudest don’t even have a close relative whom we lost,
    during the struggle for democracy!! The only thing we can do is to
    appreciate those who did and not try to make them gods!!

  • Wangechi

    As a Christian, i was quite offended by Raila’s remarks. No human being should compare him or herself to Jesus. It is getting clearer every day why God did not allow Kenya to have such a president.

  • Simon Reez

    Poor comparison between Jesus and RAO. Jesus was not looking for an elective post and even when people wanted to make him their King he refused. He is on record for having said that his kingdom is not of this world. Secondly, it is through his death that he gave us salvation. If RAO wants to save Kenya, then he should welcome his predicament and wait to RISE again on the “third” day if it will ever come.

  • Loisoiflame

    jesus Raila or Raila jesus ? which is which