We’re still crafting petition – CORD

Secretary General of the Wiper Democratic Movement Mutula Kilonzo told journalists that lawyers representing the coalition were doing meticulous work and will file the petition within the seven days/CFM

Secretary General of the Wiper Democratic Movement Mutula Kilonzo told journalists that lawyers representing the coalition were doing meticulous work and will file the petition within the seven days/CFM

NAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 11 – The Coalition for Reform and Democracy (CORD) on Monday maintained that it was still preparing its petition to the presidential election and urged for patience from its supporters.

Secretary General of the Wiper Democratic Movement Mutula Kilonzo told journalists that lawyers representing the coalition were doing meticulous work and will file the petition within the seven days provided for by the law.

He said: “We have noticed an element of anxiety about the CORD petition, but it’s completely unnecessary. The constitution gives parties aggrieved by the presidential election seven days to file; those days are not granted by the constitution in idleness it is because of the enormity of the petition.”

“CORD is a law abiding coalition and we will file our petition when we are ready in accordance with the constitution,” added the former Justice Minister.

Kilonzo, who was accompanied by Siaya Senator-elect James Orengo, however complained that the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) was withholding information that the coalition sought to use in its petition.

“One of our obstacles is that we have demanded for certain information from the IEBC. That information is not forthcoming and we have not received any explanation,” Kilonzo added.

“We are put in a situation where the IEBC does not want these documents inspected; it obviously means that there is something wrong with their records. There are documents you cannot inspect, but the form 34, 35 and 36 should be availed,” Orengo said.

In response, the commission said that the information CORD was asking for was bulky and could not be processed within a day.

Communications Manager Tabitha Mutemi told Capital FM News that the commission would make it available the information on forms 34 and 36 within the shortest time possible.

“We are talking about 33,000 forms which have to be photocopied; the two batches are not doable in a day. We have nothing to hide and will avail all that information to them,” she said adding that copies of the forms were also pinned on doors of polling stations.

Form 34 is filled by the presiding officer at each polling station while form 36 is filled by the Constituency Returning Officer and contains results recorded from all polling stations in the constituency.

Kilonzo and Orengo who are part of the legal team for the coalition say that they will still have a water-tight case even if the documents are not made available to them.

According to CORD, there was massive tampering of the March 4 vote and the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission ignored its claims of serious irregularities in the tallying of the presidential vote.

“It will make our case stronger… in fact part of the case will be that IEBC has blocked access to the information. We (he and Orengo) were not born yesterday and have handled many petitions. We should be given this information for free but it now seems like we are extracting teeth,” Kilonzo retorted wittingly.

Outgoing Prime Minister Raila Odinga, CORD’s presidential candidate, announced on Saturday that he will challenge results of the presidential election that put him in second place after Uhuru Kenyatta.

Odinga who refused to concede defeat had claimed that voter numbers were reduced in their strongholds, citing Ndhiwa Constituency, while votes were increased in the strongholds of the Jubilee coalition.

“It is clear that a constitutionally sanctioned process of electing the new set of leaders to take us to the next level has been thwarted by another tainted election,” said Odinga.

Journalists and supporters of the CORD coalition spent Monday waiting for the CORD legal team to file its petition in vain. The lawyers instead stayed away compiling the petition.

Other lawyers in the CORD legal team include George Oraro, Pheroze Nowrojee, former Attorney General Amos Wako, Budalangi MP-elect Ababu Namwamba and Bungoma senator-elect Moses Wetangula.

The CORD principals are expected to meet all elected candidates under the coalition on Wednesday.


Lordrick is a graduate of the University of Nairobi with a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism. He is passionate about political and governance issues. He also takes keen interest in human rights matters, justice and is fond of sports.

  • suluhisho


  • R

    CORD is suing the IEBC and then asking them to provide them “evidence” to use it against the IEBC. How “dumb?” Sounds like their uncle Ocampo and their sister Bensouda asking the Kenya government to provide them help so they can foment more problems in Kenya. Kenya does not need the ICC and it does not need CORD petition. The petition is stillborn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Raila should try some options:

    1. Sue himself and his foreign
    masters for not succeeding in their evil schemes e.g. the British
    company that supplied software to IEBC then in cahoots with the
    “jonnies” who flocked into Kenya apparently attacked the electronic
    tallying and result transmission platform in order to bloat the rejected
    votes and force a run off (as per articles appearing in the media
    explaining why the tallying had to go manual following intelligence
    indications of foreign sabotage). Note that when the electronic system
    was in place, the spoil votes were over 337,000 but after manual
    verification the total rejected votes hovered around 39000 which is
    close to the Ugandan 34,000. The foreign hands injected a bug that kept
    multiplying the spoilt vote by 8. The IEBC move to manual tallying was
    apparently informed by intelligence indications that some foreign hand
    was seriously undermining the process when it finally became clear that
    their preferred “slave” candidate was losing. It was notable that a
    foreign NGO (Ford Foundation) that pretends to promote democracy is the
    one that went to court to try and stop vote tallying. Right now they are
    probably going to bankroll Raila’s suit in the hope that Ford
    Foundations former employee, Dr. Willey Mutunga, will declare Raila as
    the winner of the Kenyan elections. That is the utopia that Raila and
    his foreign masters and the Makau Mutuas have been living in and causing
    untold misery in Kenya but their end has come. God’s hand of judgement
    has slapped them hard!!!!

    2. He can also as Prime Minister order
    the Scotland yard to come in and conduct “credible” investigations
    which should help us all understand the sudden influx of British
    soldiers in Kenya and “help” Raila continue his irrelevant tantrums.

    Raila evidently believes in foreign entities more than Kenyan systems
    so he should even take his electoral disputes to the Hague, London or
    Washington DC where his friendly courts will happily pervert justice in
    his favor. He should recruit Ocampo and the two pre-trial chamber’s judges who
    were bankrolled by a one foreign nation to favor Raila at the ICC.

    Since Raila will lose the case at the Supreme Court after all, he
    should consider running for office in the USA or UK where they have
    PERFECTLY CREDIBLE IEBCs or Electoral Colleges so that he will easily be
    declared president. Alternatively he should run for office at the UN
    where his lobbying, propaganda and backroom horse-trading skills and
    friends like Kofi Annan will easily make him the UN President.

    The US State Department’s own Carson may also step down so Raila can
    take his position in Africa. Alternatively, the British envoy to Kenya
    should pack up his bags and take Raila with him back to the UK in
    ‘difromatic or is it diplomatic or diploblematic” protest.

    Otherwise, Raila should pack his big sofa sets and music systems, catch
    the train in Kibera and honorably return to nyalgunga since he has
    defied all decent advise (including the advice he was given to retire
    honorably). His ego made him lose everything including a Prime
    Minister’s retirement package in pursuit of something God had not told
    him to go for (i.e. the Presidency). He leaves behind a long stream of
    casulaties including Kalonzo Musyoka, Kalembe Ndile, Bishop Wanjiru, S.
    K. Macharia and other pseudo-nationalists.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kwabubi-John/100003281201430 Kwabubi John

      In order to communicate effectively, cool down your temper and use your head to reason, for the devil is the father of anger. Keep your communication as short and to the point.

    • Gathii

      Very true. They said they had evidence of massive irregularities……then what further evidence do they want from IEBC?
      They mention irregularities with the electronic transmission system but the votes were counted manually……..hallo……still there?
      These guys have no case and they know it.

  • filis fog

    A single vote of a supreme court judge tilted the scales and made Bush junior president of the United states in 2004. Bush junior had 520 votes only more than Algore.

  • Francis

    My small piece of advise to CORD- Stupidity has a limit. You need to respect Kenyans and not subject them to juvenile arguments. Please answer this question- WHO ELECTED YOUR GOVERNORS, MPs , SENATORS AND all those you have called on Wednesday ? Were they not elected on the same day/using same kit/using same registers/by the same voters that cast ballots for president? Are they legit? Were Nyong’o / Orengo /Kilonzo elected fairly even when Nyong’o rigged himself during primaries? Give Isaac Hassan respect and all those patriotic men and women who worked their butts off as you enjoyed five course meals. How can you argue that voter registers were “reduced in CORD areas and inflated in Jubilee areas” exactly what does that mean? Did registers vote? Were there voters in your areas who were denied the right to vote? Where are they? I thought they all turned up and voted for you 99.9% and in some cases Uhuru would get “two votes” what a shame? You are a disgrace and shameless characters around.The failure of electronic kits is irrelevant- Kits did not vote! Am surprised you cannot give us your “raw counts from polling stations since you had agents in all”. You are now asking IEBC for results that are public? What clowns? Even more shameful is the fact that you do not contest that you lost but “questioning the quality of the winner WIN” .I will bet as i have on many issues – you will lose the case.Your case is baseless and founded on nonsense.There was essentially one election- it could not produce legit results in all other seats and be “faulty on one seat”. GET A LIFE! MOVE ON AND LET IT BE!

    • Kenyan

      Hey, hey, hey, co…co…com…come down…! Hehehehe…! OMG! You sound so irrelevant and juvenile, I mean like you were born yesterday. I wish to suggest that, if you have any case against this lot, then you should take it to the law courts. Wow, what was that?

    • http://www.facebook.com/beloveddan Beloved King

      @Francis! Intelligence is key and you are locked out. Your argument is just a product of a stupid tribal idiot’s thinking. Reading your rubbish just reminds me of how many Kenyans are smoking ethnic opium thinking they can fix their stupid. In fact Calling you an idiot would be an insult to all the stupid tribalist people in Kenya today. Are you always this stupid or are you making a special effort today by arguing bullshit?

      • Gathii

        Drink water, juice or changaa to clear that lump in your throat. Elections in Kenya are won by those who garner the most votes and not by those who make the most noise!
        If you want to make noise and hurl abuses, we have enough markets in our decentralized county governments. Just use Google Maps to look for the one nearest to you!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kwabubi-John/100003281201430 Kwabubi John

      Bwana Francis, sentensi mbili au tatu zitatuwezesha kukuelewa. Wacha kele au pang’ang’a. Lengo lako ni nini?

      • Gabby

        Ambia Raila atumie sentensi moja au mbili tu kulalamika akitoa matamshi yake kwa mahakama tuone kama atweza, basi nyumaye, uliza Francis afanye vile unavyotaka.

    • Gathii

      Good point. Let them start by resigning and calling for a free and fair poll for all 6 elective positions…..

  • wanjiku njoki

    raila you to stop your stupity i think you and your family cant electe kisumu or a vilege what you are doing is make watu wapate wasiwasi waanze kupigana wakati huu sio 2007. 2008 unatakiwa uenda hegur kwa ritaya usisumbue wakenya unalazimisha mapenzi

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kwabubi-John/100003281201430 Kwabubi John

      wanjiku njoki, inaonekana ni wewe umepotea kwani mtu huyu, Raila, amefuata sheria kwa kuenda kotini. Si vizuri kumwita mwenzako “stupid” hata kama si kabila lako.

  • Concerned

    Someone must have been watching a TV series running in States ‘Scandal’. They must seen the botched elections won through software manipulation of elections results in Ohio. You get a feeling someone tried this in Kenya and hence the rejected votes that were multiplied by 8. Given the tyranny of numbers theory that Kenyan own Nate Silver (Mutahi Ngunyi) had explained and the media and pundits successfully propagated,as the election breaker, it was necessary to counter that especially if the swing candidate one Musalia failed to rattle the Western & Rift Valley vote to force a run off. This therefore necessitated the need to create a ‘9th’ candidate constitutionally who could swing the vote to a run off mathematically. For two days candidate no. 9 otherwise known as rejected votes was doing very well and as long as the rejected votes kept increasing the possibility of a run off also increased. Two things here; before March 4th, a figure of 10% kept being floated as the votes that candidates outside Jubilee/cord would poll & assuming a 90% turnout, this would lead to a runoff. From initial results it was clear that the ‘fringe’ candidates would not achieve a 10% polling. However at the rate at which the the number of rejected votes was multiplying it would have been possible to get a sizable number of rejected votes perhaps greater than 10% of rejected votes.

    IEBC however resulted to manual tallying that greatly reduced the number of rejected votes. Therefore would you not want to ask yourself why all this hullaboo on reverting to manual voting?

    • Gabby

      So are you asserting that the ‘hacking’ as it were was a CORD affair to inflate the ‘rejected votes’? Doesn’t the explanation given by the chairman just before zeroing the process back to manual fit the bill when at the rate these were coming in and finally the correct number being 108,965, the ‘rejected’ votes would have ended up being 800k. So checking this as the chairman’s bug explanation shed light, the 108,965 x 8 => over 800k, looks real. Beside the so-called electronic kit and transmission was ONLY an identification start to remove dormant voters from the register i.e. you have to be living to lend your hand for (bio – living) identification; not dead and also the process was, NOT an Ohio or for that matter an US all-electronic process including the tallying. So hacking will not work when linked spreadsheets are being used for the tally away from the primary role of BVR IDENTIFICATION already done…..

  • kerbala

    Jubilee penetrated lEBC and collapsed the electronic BVR and manipulated the results. Supreme court will rescue the majority of kenyans and a repeat of the presidential election will see cord emerge victorious. The 1m votes from western will all go to cord because if Mudavadi makes a mistake of joining Jubilee he will go alone with Tesse but us voters will all go cord. l have been a mudavadi supporter before 4th but we have reached consensus in western to throw our weight behing Raila if another election is called.

  • Titiaddis

    This election is not about two tribes or two individuals, it’s about 42 tribes and 40 million ppl. For how long are we gonna say ok let it go this time? I think Kenyans let go enough it’s time to cling on to what’s rightfully there’s. Some ppl makes me really freck out when I hear them say forget ocampo or ICC. Did you loss your loved one? Or did you happen to see the man who lost his two wives and nine kids in that church at one go at that ege? What if you were the one who lost everything you lived for in one day? Will you still say that? I dont think so… Be human not Kabila.