Former ECK boss Samuel Kivuitu dies in Nairobi

, SAMUEL-KIVUITUNAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 26 – The former chairman of the defunct Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) Samuel Kivuitu passed away on Monday night after a long battle with cancer.

Kivuitu died at the MP Shah hospital where he had gone for an X-ray check-up following chest pains.

Speaking to reporters at the hospital on Tuesday morning, his younger brother John Musyoka pointed out that Kivuitu collapsed soon after the X-ray was done.

“He has been recovering and relapsing. Yesterday (Monday) he was brought to have a chest X-ray done after complaining of chest pains. As he was being taken out he collapsed and was admitted to the ICU unit of this hospital and he passed away at approximately 10.30 in the evening,” he said.

Musyoka who spoke on behalf of the family said that Kivuitu had been battling throat cancer that has seen him in an out of hospital for the last two years.

“The honourable Kivuitu was diagnosed with cancer of the throat. He was taken to the AIG Institute, and treated. He came back towards the end of 2011 and he has been in Kenya attending a hospital and recovering. He briefly went to Britain last year for a conference and also underwent a small operation to fit what they call a tent to ease his swallowing,” he explained.

The body of the 74-year-old Kivuitu was taken to the Lee Funeral home and his family expects will be buried after next week’s polls.

“We are all aware of the momentous events that this country is gearing up for namely the general election that will be done on Monday. Therefore the funeral will not be this Saturday as is customary and the press will be notified of the due dates,” Musyoka said.

“In the meantime, we humbly plead that the family be given time to grieve in their privacy and that we respect the passing on of this great man.”

Kivuitu was appointed the ECK boss by former President Daniel arap Moi to replace Zacchaeus Chesoni who had overseen the 1992 General Election.

Kivuitu served as elections boss in 1997, 2002 and also oversaw the constitution referendum in 2005. He was reappointed to the helm of the body by President Mwai Kibaki ahead of the 2007 polls.

Kivuitu was educated in Uganda from 1959 to 1961 and Tanzania from 1961 and 1965.

He was elected MP for Parklands in 1969 and served until 1974.

In the meantime, top leaders among them Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka, Uhuru Kenyatta and PM Raila Odinga have mourned the death of the former ECK boss.

The vice-president described the late Kivuitu as an astute politician, keen parliamentarian, and a renowned lawyer and friend.

Musyoka described him as humble, stoic, philanthropic and a social person who always strived to give his best to humanity and in particular to his country.

The VP urged the family to look upon the Almighty God during this difficult time of loss and mourning.

  • Wambua Manza

    RIP Bw Kivuitu. We would have wished you lived longer and at least witness the announcement on the just to be conducted elections.

  • josh philip

    RIP mr. Kivuitu……….

  • upuzi_tele

    Good riddance. It is now time to meet the innocent people who died because of his arrogance.

    • Kwessi Pratt

      Cursing a dead man is not African. You are actually displaying unacceptable heartlessness! Ask yourself whether you are man enough to announce different results when a gun is held at your neck? Perhaps, your understanding is too low and feeds on the cheap!!!!

  • Kwessi Pratt

    Coward escapists pinned down innocent man, who was actually given a piece of paper to read results he didnt know about! The big man, the culprit, is never touched or held to account. But little fellows simply believe escapist stuff they are made to bath in! No wonder curses for the decent guy have violently remained. But God knows the naked naked truth! Hon. Mzee RIP and perhaps, remember to request for forgiveness of our twisted escapist ways!!!!

  • isaac ashuma

    R.I.P to Mr. Kivuitu may God rest you in peace. Isaac Ashuma from Kitale-Kenya.

  • Mazzdark

    The unfortunate scapegoat who bears the sins of all of us

  • tabitha mwania

    R.I.P we honour you,may ua soul rest in peace.

  • nyakwar ojow

    R I P.

  • Carolynar

    Sad!! Rest In peace!

  • Tinah Ilumaita Ya George

    R.I.P Kivuitu…

  • Ombachi E. B.

    “Mzee Kivuitu, may you rest well in God’s sweet embrace. Your work on earth is done.”

    My sincere sympathies and condolences to his beloved family and friends.

  • cigray

    R.I.P the sacrificial lamb

  • willy

    RIP,……..but you could have stayed longer atleast to vote on 4th March

  • Peter Ondieki

    R.I.P Kivuitu i really would have wanted to see u as the observer on this coming elections but God has made his own decitions

  • Guest


  • suluhisho

    Pole to the deceased family.Mungu awe Nasi.

  • Albakito

    R.I.P Mr Kivuitu

  • khasandi phyllice

    R.I.P and may all those whom you bore their sins for be forgiven.





  • Kairu

    RIP our days are numbered

  • Matt_wafula

    RIP Sir.

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