Bomb blast wounds eight in Kenyan capital

Police officers secure the scene of a suspected bomb attack in Nairobi’s Eastleigh suburb in November/AFP
NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 5 – A roadside bomb in the Kenyan capital wounded at least eight people, the latest in a string of attacks, police said ON Wednesday.
“We have confirmed eight casualties who have all been rushed to hospital,” Nairobi police chief Moses Nyakwama told AFP.

“The explosion was caused by a roadside bomb which had been placed in a hole in the ground by the roadside,” he added.

The blast, which occurred at around 7:30pm local time (1630GMT) with the streets crowded as people returned home from work, reportedly happened near a supermarket in the largely ethnic Somali neighbourhood of Eastleigh.

Three of those wounded are in a critical condition, Kenya Red Cross officials said.

“No arrests have been made yet, and investigations are already under way,” Nyakwama added.

Just last month at least seven people were killed and many more wounded in a bomb attack on a bus in the same district.

Kenya has suffered a string of attacks often blamed on Al-Qaeda-linked Shabaab militants since it sent its troops, now integrated into an African Union force, into Somalia.

The troops seized the Shabaab bastion of Kismayu in September, a key southern Somali port, prompting warnings of retaliation from both the insurgents and their Kenyan supporters.

No one had claimed responsibility immediately for the attack Wednesday, and the Shabaab have denied involvement in previous similar attacks.

Violence in Kenya – ranging from attacks blamed on Islamists to inter-communal clashes to a police crackdown on a coastal separatist movement – have raised concerns over security ahead of elections due in March 2013.

Five years ago, elections descended into deadly post-poll killings that shattered Kenya’s image as a beacon of regional stability.

Last month, riots broke out in Nairobi’s Eastleigh district after a bus was bombed, with running street battles between demonstrators and the police.

  • Mohamed

    Useless Media, it is you(local media) who create the ethnic clashes between peaceful communities…i do not know what reward you will achieve…why are you mentioning specific ethnic (somali ethnic)…let us build kenya together.

    if clashes occur tomorrow it is you who is behind…

    we as likely minded kenyans will teach you some law..very serious.

    • Boiyot


      Eastleigh is Somali territory (Kenyan or not) full stop! You cannon issue threats to media based on that…

      • mohamed


        tell the dirty of kikuyu will not return to state house again.

        we need powerful president like Raila who can solve these baseless propaganda issues against innocent kenyans.

    • Elly Omondi Odhiambo

      Exactly,why are they obsessed with tarnishing the Kenyan Somali community yet the evidence shows clearly the amorphous Al Shabaab has no real tribal identity? It doesnt matter if Kenyan Somalis are the majority in Eastleigh, if thats the case then the minority there are still Kenyans, why are they not mentioned?

  • peternjoroge09

    I do not understand why the Media is being attacked here,its clear that eastleigh is Somali territory,and this is where all the drama is.The Media is doing a good job of giving the news to Kenyans as it is.Call a spade a spade, The surbarb needs a massive crackdown.

  • doreen

    “the largely ethnic Somali neighbourhood of Eastleigh”………..this is factual.

  • Kenyan

    Be patriotic Capital FM this in not how to report mild incidents.”Bomb Blast….In Kenyan Capital” how severe was it to warrant such a title on a website?.

  • zhana

    Thanks for the news.. keep updating us., praying for the wounded.

  • sam

    i think its time that part of the city be turned into a military zone.spray the damn place with 2000 soldiers,road blocks with bomb snipping dogs ,house to house searches at any time and do a head count of every soul and arrest any dubious characters.nothing moves not even a fly til cleared to do.

    • Sam Tundu

      I feel you sam but our govt is full of pple with greed and the safety of kenyans comes last to their agendas…it’s only God who loves his pple because if these criminals organize themselves and continue with these attacks strategically, we will die…many of us becoming victims….where is the security if u ask when it matters?

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