Terrorists wanted to bomb Nairobi on Sunday: Police

Cache of arms recovered in Eastleigh on Friday/COURTESY STANDARD DIGITAL

NAIROBI, Kenya, Sept 14 – Police in Nairobi on Friday said they had thwarted what would have been a deadly terror attack in the city after they recovered a cache of deadly terror weapons at a house in Eastleigh area.

Two suspects of Somali origin were arrested during the dawn security operation on Friday.

Police said they were part of a larger terror gang that planned to attack strategic buildings and major churches in Nairobi’s Central Business District.

Nairobi Area deputy police boss Moses Ombati said the suspects planned to use the weapons to attack churches on Sunday.

“We have information that these suspects wanted to use these arms to harm innocent Kenyans during Sunday church services,” a police officer who was involved in the operation said.

“We have now launched a massive operation to hunt these terrorists,” the anti terrorism police officer who did not want to be named as he is not authorised to talk to the media said.

Two other suspects are at large and police are looking for them in the city.

“The weapons include six suicide bombs, 12 hand grenades, four AK47 rifles and 480 bullets,” said Ombati.

“The suicide bombs had been mounted on vests attached with mobile phones with batteries, it seems they wanted to use it is an ignition to a series of explosion.”

Anti terrorism police say the arsenals were found in the house following a tip off. According to the neighbours the suspects have been living in the seven storey building for the past two months.

Senior police officers were in the area Friday morning as further operations were carried out.

Police sources said they anticipated getting more weapons.

Suicide bomb recovered in Eastleigh on Friday/ COURTESY STANDARD DIGITAL

  • http://twitter.com/ElijahMiano Elijah Maya ™

    Terribly shocking! Nice work Kenya Police!!

  • George

    Salute to the Kenya Police. Keep it up.

  • Harold Kinyanjui

    These murdering cowards must be having hosts in Eastleigh and our intelligent officers have to get them out as they did with the arms.We will never be safe as long as the self-blasters are among us,no sympathy should be shown on anyone who harbours a killer.

  • Greenmarshmarrows

    Too few comments commending the police. I salute you. You have done a great job, yet in difficult circumstances and poor incentives. They probably even went to fetch this legal cache without protective gear.

  • idba

    Keep up the vigilance KP!

  • Larry

    I really want to congratulate the Kenya Police but something was not right about the raid. 1. Who called the CITIZEN journalists to the scene of very sensitive parhaps even dangerous raid & why were they allowed to take part in the search? Looks like CITIZEN journalist had prior info on the “raid”. 2. The Police raid looked like a “çhangáa” raid, conducting a brief on the scene. 3. Having had the “Intel Brief” why was an operation of such magnitude not conducted by a special squad? 4. The lives of so many citizen were put on risk should the “Terrorist” had decided to resist. 5. Looking at the arms…..so clean & new bags. Were they for presentation…..? Those were just my observation.

    • Rosina

      I salute the entire police cycle for the well job done. Please be always on the look out to save the lives of fellow Kenyans despite the hard challenge..God grant you the peace and mercies

      • j


  • http://twitter.com/GiftSange Gift Sange

    you have done such a great job keep it up.

  • jorum

    kudos to police we are proud of your good work! keep up.

  • Douglas Ayata

    Keep up with the good work our security agents.I do not doubt your capabilities,but who hosts these criminals?

  • freddie

    Thanks guys for a job well done and God bless Kenya.