USIU student found dead a week after kidnap

Hellen Aruwa (r) with her daughter Sylvia at their home in Embakasi/CFM
NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 8- A 24 year old student at USIU has been found murdered a week after she was kidnapped outside the campus compound.

The family found her body at the City Mortuary seven days after she was taken captive.

Police said the body of Sarah Aruwa was found a day after she was reported kidnapped in a thicket in Githunguri before it was taken to the morgue.

Relatives of the fourth year International Relations student have been searching for her for nearly a week after her kidnapping early last Saturday near the university based in Kasarani.

The kidnappers had demanded Sh100,000 ransom immediately they kidnapped her before they went quiet after police started trailing them.

Police said they are investigating an alleged kidnapping ring at the private university after an upsurge of similar abductions.

Last week, one USIU student and his girlfriend who studies at the Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology were arraigned before the Makadara law courts and charged with a similar incident of abduction.

They denied the charges and were remanded in custody until Wednesday next week.

Aruwa’s body was picked by police on Monday after being informed by the public and took it to the City Mortuary where they booked it as unidentified.

Speaking journalist on Sunday her mother Helen Aruwa said the kidnappers had asked for Sh100,000 ransom before killing her.

Police have arrested three suspects who are allegedly believed to have participated in the kidnapping.

“They sent a text message on phone demanding us to send them money within a minute, but I feel by that time Sarah had already been killed. I feel those people just wanted to kill her, because so many people have been kidnapped even for one month and they survive, and for Sarah she was dead in less than 24 hours,” the mother said.

Her kidnappers seem to have beaten her up before they brutally murdered her and later dumped the body in the plantation on July 1.

The mother said that one of the suspects who is a student at USIU had been pursuing her for a love relationship and that Saturday Sarah had decided to visit him at his apartment at Savannah area In Nairobi’s Eastlands area.

“The neighbours who saw her that Saturday said she was dressed in yellow. But apart from few key features that her sister Sylvia recognized, it was hard to identify her since her body was disfigured, “ her mother said.

The mother said when they broke into her house they found a note that she had written and left on the table saying she was going to visit her college mate who has turned out to be one of those in custody over her kidnapping and now killing.

“It has always been her habit to leave a note behind when she suspects danger, “said the elder sister Sylvia Aruwa.

Apparently, the gang had hired a taxi that they were using in moving around with the deceased.

Among those in custody is a girlfriend to the college mate that Sarah had gone to visit, who told police that her boyfriend and another man dropped her in Thika on the material day and informed her to find her way back to Kiambu where they stayed.

“This girl told the police that the boyfriend told someone on phone, that they should hurry and go and pick that girl who wears glasses,” explained the mother.

Sarah Aruwa’s body was found a day after she was reported kidnapped in a thicket in Githunguri before it was taken to the morgue/CFM

The mother is now asking for the three not to be released on bail, fearing that if it comes out that they truly murdered her daughter; they stand a threat to the rest of the students.

“Now that the whole story is out, there is need for thorough investigations to find out if they are guilty or not, before they are released. My other problem is that the school doesn’t even seem concerned about the issue, even after we went there asking for the names of the suspects, “ Mrs Aruwa added.

 The late Sarah is a member of triplets. Her other two sisters are both doctors in Kinangop and Bungoma.

Her sister Sylvia recounts the last moments with the triplets during their birthday on the 17 of June 2012.

“I took them all out; we spent at a Chinese restaurant in Yaya, like the whole day, just having fun. Then on that Sunday the rest traveled back. Sarah on Thursday last week told me she was done with her exams, so she was just in the house; now on Saturday is when we got the news, “said Sylvia trying to holdback her tears

The three suspects will be arraigned in court on Wednesday but with charges of kidnapping.

  • Danny Junior Wasonga


  • nyangwara

    Poleni sana..May God be your guide at this difficult moment

  • Philip

    I can’t believe that this is happening at my former school. My condolences to Sarah’s family and the USIU community

    • Mercy W Nkirote Kimathi

      @ Philip it should not happen to any particular individual ….. i reckon that was a slip of tongue.

  • Joe Jay

    its in deed sad. Evil Evil Evil. i can’t wait to hear wat is happening in our universities. Martin luther king once said “universities will turn out to be the greatest gates of hell where many students labor day n night not focusing on academics but other weird devilish activities” This is a key evil that the king must have had in mind. As we pray for security issues in our country, lets also remember our institutions of higher learning. I believe in the power of prayer. If it has worked before, it can n will in deed work today. RIP Sarah n rest in peace till the morning of resurrection.

  • flo

    This is so painfull

  • Mwansa Mary Kaweme

    God knows why this had to happen…so many hearts are broken n its hard to believe you’re gone, but we thank the Lord for the life you had. R.I.P Serah…xx

  • Bee

    This is so sad!! USIU and the police, please do something.

  • Michael

    May Gods Love be with her family in this had time..

  • Mercy T.

    Too sad, may her soul rest in eternal peace.

  • Bonchez

    very painful story…… heartfelt condolences to her family and friends

  • mwas

    This is inhumane act these beasts should not be set free.

  • Mazzdark

    Capital you should post their pix here we know them…Policeneed to style up….

  • Sherlock Holmes

    There is something the girls family is hiding,its quite clear she went raving on sartuday then her so called savannah boyfriend then plotted to have her kidnapped in thika,but the question is why kill her so quickly instead of waiting for the ransom,i bet the 100,000k was a debt that she refused to pay,and what was she doing flirting with a dude who is clearly way out of her league interms of maturity,there is something that is being hidden by the family,USIU chicks think that life is all about shoes and partying with rich married men,,this is a lesson to her and to other chicks in campus, If u plant a pumpkin,you are not going to reap strawberry’s.

    • Dan

      Please, please if you have to comment, you dont have to be cruel here. U have no facts about what happened, you have no right at all to speculate on anything here. let te girl rest in peace, and please dont cause the family more pain by commenting stupidly and ignorantly about a case you nothing of. I know the girls boyfriend so please I beg that you desist from such comments.
      Why do capital allow such comments anyway??

    • The Merchant

      Sherlock, I wont call you stupid!

    • jeff murage

      Reallly sherlock realllly waht kind of Narcortics are you on now?? Dude you need hobby !!!!!!!!

    • George Best

      Sherlock Holmes,you are entitled to your opinions but they should be laced with manners.Do you know the pain the bereaved family is going through?
      I condole mama Sarah for the death of her daughter in the hands of kidnappers.If that is what you must go through now,i pray God to give you energy to go through it

    • shazapril

      This Sherlock person is speaking with too much bile…the kind of bile you unleash when you know more about the story. Why don’t you reveal yourself to the police and help them with investigations since you know so much rather than displaying your detective skills here?

    • marie

      you’re clearly no Sherlock. If you knew her (which I did) then you’d know this is not true. You’ve turned a very sad event to a personal vendetta against usiu mamis. Mungu akuonekanie

  • may

    sad indeed

  • Kim Wabz

    Its sad to here the University admin is not doing anything, SAC please do something about the students welfare. RIP Serah!! and may those horrible people who did this be found and charged heavily.

  • mariam carol

    Very sad indeeed

  • cleo

    we are saddened by the lose it is sad in deed

  • Mayor Maya

    Its very unfortunate for a family to loose a daughter because of some people evil deeds. They should be punished heavily to share the same fate. Condolences to the family.

  • Supreme

    This is absolutely tragic!
    Students are in school to Study! How dare they murder a fellow student for money! (or any other reason!)

    My deepest condolences to the family for their loss. May Sarah R.I.P.

  • Abbott Okello

    This is very sad,i think the university is as capable as the kidnappers.What had they done to stop this wave of crime in their campus ? It seems to me like they never took any serious steps even when students from the same campus were kidnapped again and again.To hear the mother say that the university did not assist when they went to ask about the names of the suspected students,is being insensitive to the welfare of the student and the emotions of the grieving family.The Police need to do thorough investigations in this matter so that apart from just taking the suspects to court there is a water tight case.Court too needs to send an equivocal clear message that such acts will not be tolerate in a civilized society.If this is happening in our higher learning institution,one wonders what kind of leader we will have in future.Justice for Sarah,Justice for Sarah…….

  • Steve Muga

    RIP Serah!! So sad that it hard to be this way!

  • Stella W.

    RIP Sarah.

  • Dave Fishpond

    This is absolutely sad, very sad. Why? always the question. young, beautiful ambitious young women who had a bright future ahead of her just snatched away by evil creatures living in our society and for what? my prayers to the family.

  • Ogomoditse

    they shuld rot in jail and reveal all the others. God will punish them all…..

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