US envoy to Kenya resigns


Ex US Ambassador to Kenya Scott Gration/FILE
NAIROBI Kenya, Jun 29 – The US ambassador to Kenya has resigned citing “differences” with Washington over his leadership style and priorities, just over a year since he was appointed.

Scott Gration, a retired air force general and former US special envoy to Sudan, took up the post in Nairobi on May 2011.

“Differences with Washington regarding my leadership style and certain priorities lead me to believe that it’s now time to leave. Accordingly, I submitted my notice of resignation last Monday,” Gration said in a statement.

He provided no further details as to the nature of the disagreement.

Kenya is widely seen as a key base for the US in its efforts to tackle Islamist insurgents across the wider Horn of Africa region, including in Somalia where Al-Qaeda linked Al Shabaab fighters are fighting Western-backed forces.

“It has been a great honour and a profound privilege to be a part of the US State Department team for the past three years and to serve as the US Ambassador to Kenya and as the CEO of Team Kenya since May of 2011 .Accordingly, I submitted my notice of resignation last Monday to the Secretary of State and to the President of the United States of America, to be effective as of 28 July 2012,” the statement read.

Gration, a retired air force general and former US special envoy to Sudan has been America’s representative to Kenya since May 2011.

The statement quotes him saying that the opportunity to serve as US ambassador in Kenya was a dream job for him and his wife Judy, because it was a perfect opportunity to use his deep-rooted knowledge of Kenya.

Gration said he was hopeful Kenya would implement its constitutional reforms, hold elections next year, and proceed with the devolution of political and economic power.

“I am very proud of my 35-year career of dedicated and honourable service to our great nation, leading at all times with integrity first and the highest ethical standards,” the statement further said.

“Judy and I are looking forward to returning to the work about which we are so passionate. But as we depart, we will deeply miss Kenya, the Kenyan people, our partners in the diplomatic corps, and our colleagues in the US Mission. Our hearts will remain here with you and with the true friendships that will endure until death,” he added.

The US Embassy in Nairobi caused uproar from the Kenyan government after it issued a travel advisory last Saturday to its citizens cautioning them from travelling to Mombasa over a threat of an imminent terrorist attack.

A day after the travel advisory, three people were killed and several others wounded in a hand grenade attack on a bar in Mombasa.

Acting Head of the Civil Service Francis Kimemia and Tourism minister Dan Mwazo accused the US of economic sabotage for issuing the terror alert.

Kenya wrote a protest note to Washington through the US Embassy in Nairobi demanding a reversal of the advisory, but there has been no action on the same.

“It is a reckless advisory and it was totally uncalled for, It is aimed at sabotaging the country’s economy,” Kimemia had said at a press conference where he was accompanied by Tourism Minister Dan Mwazo.

Gration has resigned days after the US embassy hosted a party (The Pride celebration) for Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender persons (LGBT), a move that ruffled feathers in local religious ranks.

Gration however did not attend the event which was the first of its kind in the country and which is part of the Obama administration’s policy to fight prejudice against LGBT people.

Counselor for Public Affairs at the Embassy John Haynes remained tight lipped on his reaction to the resignation saying: “The statement speaks for itself; I cannot add anything to it.”

Kenya is widely seen as a key base for the US in its efforts to tackle Islamist insurgents across the wider Horn of Africa region, including in Somalia where Al-Qaeda linked Al-Shabaab fighters are fighting Western-backed forces.

  • kirongo man

    Gration what is your leadership style yet you have not been the voice of reason like your predecessors. have you been supporting forces of anti reforms

  • James Karanja

    Good riddance!

  • littl_hiti

    Good riddance, we will never miss you …never. gay parade in kenya ??? seriously ?

    • Ali Suleiman

      littl_hiti, i just learnt that there was a function organized by the US state at the embassy on gay rights and he didnt attend the function simply because he doesnt support such moves..we should thank him for having a moral stand than being dragged to reforms that his govt are pushing for.

      • Kip

        I think Gration did some good work. He did an issue based diplomatic work and not Michael who treated Kenya as a colony and overstepped his mandate.

    • Bangib

      littl_hiti – You’d serve well to keep your bigoted thoughts to yourself. Recognizing that the LGBT community are part and parcel of a progressive and productive Kenya will only lend to our economic success!

  • jnyagiro

    Am even surprised that US had an ambassador in Kenya since the departure of Michael Ranneberger. I wish Obama sends back Michael. Goodbye Amb. Grattion, operation Ranneberger back

  • bek1988

    Amb. Gration conducted himself with decorum and dignity. Having been the Special Advisor of President Obama on Sudan, he has a better grasp of the geopolitical situation in Eastern Africa and did not need to meddle in Kenya’s affairs like his predecessor Rannebeger. Rannebeger behaved as if Kenya was a colony of the US.


    they said a VILLAGE In NYANZA misses its IDIOT…Now i know why,,,

  • w33_dx

    off diplomacy, I love how he has praised kenya and its people, we. Thank you sir. Reason I believe in Kenya and as the best place, they all come back………….to STAY!!!! Even marry our people! They come with their people and them too take back praises of the country kenya to their homelands. Kenyas-US diplomacy just cracks the rotten egg in the cake, US is too vile to kenya and their mission is just way too questionable.Yes, their presence in every state they occupy has some serious agenda.
    Once upon humble time in Kenya, there were no blasts. Then US brought in code 1K9red+9t8Aug8 true activate. Kenyaspersky traced code 1K9red+9t8Aug8 roots in their soils. Ever since, the blast infiltatrated our system. They own all the blasts yet we suffer all the casualities. What did they offer? False retaliation in islamic states. Rest be to the souls of Libyairaqistans’ children, women and all the innocents………..uhm…..blablabla bla bla bla…….just bored…..but can we relocate the American embassy further? Better safe than sorry. They issue travel advisory against our beloved state and blackmail us on LGBT crap on funding. iSay we no want gayed money, it stinks. Junkyard money?! No! NO! NO! Oh, let them call sh!tfund for afriqa for donor fund sounds like genuine help besides, they bring us problems for them to come up with solutions…WTFund?!

  • Wagon

    Sounds as if he was not the right man for the job!

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