Salaries commission sets new pay grades

NAIROBI, Kenya, May 27 – The Salaries and Remuneration Commission on Sunday invited the public to make submissions to the Draft State Officers Remuneration Structure.

The draft structure has eight levels where the President as the head of state and government and Commander-in-Chief of the Kenya Defence Forces is on Level 1, the Speakers of the National Assembly and Senate, the Deputy President and Chief Justice occupy Level 2.

In ranking the two Speakers at the same level the salaries commission base their explanation on the Article 106 and 107.

Although their roles are different they are of equal weight in terms of responsibilities. For example, in the case of a vacancy in the office of the President, and the office of the Deputy President or the Deputy President is unable to assume the office, the Speaker of the National Assembly shall act as the president and an election shall be held with 60 days after the vacancy arose in the office of the President.

On the other hand, Speaker of the Senate presides over senate during the impeachment of the President.

The leaders of the Majority and Minority, Deputy Speakers of National Assembly and Senate, the Attorney General, Deputy CJ and Chief of the Kenya Defence Force will be classified under Level 3 if the proposal is adopted.

The leader of majority shall be person who is the leader in the National Assembly of the largest party or coalition of parties while the Leader of Minority is the Leader of the National Assembly of the second largest party or coalition of parties.

“Any of these leaders could be Leader of Government Business depending on the party of the President. The Constitution at Article 108 sets out the order of precedence for the Speaker of the National Assembly, Leaders of Majority and Minority.”

“The AG placing is influenced by qualification and experience for his appointment which is similar to that of the CJ. Article 156 of the Constitution states that the holder shall sit in the Cabinet and is the legal advisor” reads the statement from the commission.

In Level 4 will include the Clerks of the National Assembly and Senate, Central Bank of Kenya Governor, Auditor General, Supreme Court Judges, Chairpersons of Constitutional Offices, Service Commanders of the Kenya Defence Forces, and the Inspector General of the National Police Service.

Members of Parliament and Senate, Judges of Court of Appeal, Members of Constitutional Commissions, County Governors, Deputy Inspector General of the National Police Service will fall under Level 5, while Principal Secretary, Secretary to Constitutional Commissions, Judges of the High Court, County Assembly Speaker and Deputy Governor fall under Level 6.

The structure which was arrived at after consultations with constitutional experts, economist and seasoned administrators and stakeholders in the Judiciary, Legislature and Executive will be subject to a job evaluation for purposes of setting and reviewing remuneration.

Members of County Assembly and Members of the County Executive, Judicial Officers of Subordinate Courts, and Registrars of Courts will make up Level 7 and lastly Level 8 will comprise Deputy Speaker County Assembly; and Judicial officers of subordinate courts such as Magistrates.

The Commission which is mandated under the Constitution to set and regularly review the remuneration and benefits of all state officers says the comments and memorandum should be addressed to commission secretary via post or drop it at its offices on NHIF Building 13th Floor.

The streamlining of public service salaries is meant to avoid an altercation that was experienced last year when the Government declared it will not pay what it described as “exorbitant” salaries demanded by Commission for Implementation of the Constitution.

Government Spokesman Alfred Mutua explained that the Commission had demanded Sh1.3 million monthly salary for Chairman Charles Nyachae, Sh1.17 million for the vice chairperson while the other seven commissioners would receive Sh1.14 million each per month.

Mutua said then Head of Civil Service Francis Muthaura directed the Public Service Commission and the Treasury to review the proposed salaries downward to more sustainable levels that are a reflection of the economy and reality.

The Salaries commission in March published remuneration guidelines where government employees will now be entitled to more transparent salary reviews.

This follows the publication of the 2012 salaries and remuneration commission regulations, which spells out how and when, State officers will be paid. This comes as a relief after years of lobbying from Government employees who had in the past lacked proper salary review schemes.

  • Ken

    Should give a paramount consideration to civil servants who work in Military camps, I would suggest they commission to visit the camps and do a survey of the work civilian staff do and the risk they are in. Then Nairobi should be considered an extra hardship area due to high expense of basic needs i.e housing, transport, food, education for children etc.

  • Francis

    Chief of  Kenya defense forces is equal to deputy CJ? Is same level as political hacks in the name of “minority/majority leader”? What a joke.Defense forces should have their special pay structures if you do not want chaos.The specialized training/experience/responsibility placed on the leaders of the military is so big to compare them with jua kali political mobilizers.The commission needs to think harder and rationally.  

    • MkenyaMzalendo

      The Defence Council is represented on the commission and i am sure must have agreed to the defence staff salaries and if you look at the attached link you’ll see that military officers are well paid.

  • Elijahnyangwara

    Francis..special pay structures?
    How possible is this..we can say this for the police,the doctors,nurses,lecturers… far will it go.

    • Francis

       My friend-take time and read!All other jobs have pay structures-doctors/lecturers/nurses and indeed all jobs.I am talking about “CONSTITUTIONAL STATE OFFICER’S PAY”. While it is ok to have the job levels as designed by the commission my take is that since the job levels dictate the pay/benefits it may help-advisable that the pay for chief of defense forces and top military brass be left out of these “brackets”. That does not mean they are not regulated.The job of a technical career army man/woman cannot be equated to that of the AG and the other guys in group 3.They could be in group 6 but get benefits of group 2 without breaching the “pay constitution” that is what i mean by special pay structure. 

  • MkenyaMzalendo

    The Budget controller and director of public prosecutions are not listed, perhaps this is an error of the reporter.

  • Wambui

    Hey Everyone check out the new ‘kenyan News’ app in app store!!

  • rao

    My immediate take without considering many other factors is that these grades should not be any different from other civil servants nor treated any differently.  They must be locked o the pay grades of normal civil service.  Constitutional jobs should be considered ones ‘responsibility on behalf of Kenyans’ hence when you offer yourself for a constitutional job, it must only last for 10 years maximum, must be tied to other grade bands in government of which you become a servant and NOT a lord of sorts and then you must give yourself, dedicate yourself to service, not enrich yourself.  It is my opinion that medical doctors especially of the category of surgeons, teachers and some category of specialists, e.g researchers (mainly in sciences), engineers, technologists, should be the highest earners in the land.  I may be dreaming but that is only my opinion….  Give pay for equal work and especially the output (quality output)..

  • Cleophasmaseno

    The news for salary increment is welcoming to poorly enumerated civil servants, however its sounds rather illogical  to give a pay rise of 25% on personnel earning between 12,000/= to 30,000.= and yet om the same wave length you award a member of parliament earning 900,000/= a similar percentage,
    Should the government be strained much the the lowest earning wage/salary Job group” A” should start with 25,000/=  and middle JG “H” should start earning 7,000/=
    Our state(Kenya) has provided an avenue for robbery because of a wide cap in salary differences,
    House allowances should start from 7000/= as single rooms in counties now fetch between  7000-/= 9000/=
    Accommodation allowances /per Diem should be uniform, why give a civil servant 2000/=  for a night in Nairobi and award his/her District boss 5000/= ? We are agree on salary differences but on Medical and per Diem allowances.
    We suffer the same Typhoid/ Malaria or cancer as we buy same basic house commodities  and we must enjoy the same share of national cake in terms of enumeration,
    Public transport should be the same to all servants,
    Maseno Bakasa- Busia-Kenya

  • Law Mogaka

    The levels are full inconsistencies. For example where the CJ is in level 2 the AG is in level 3 and yet the responsibilities and qualifications are sme. Correct the anomaly.

  • Wanambisi Laban

    Good Morning @law Mogaka, I highly appreciate the feedback. I would just like to respond to some issues you raised, to begin with this is a draft that was released by the Salaries and Renumeration Commission. The Constitution states the CJ’s responsibiltiies as listed as head of Judiciary,Chairperson of the Judicial Service Commission and President of the Supreme Court. The AG is the cheif legal advisor and sits in the cabinet. The commission however cites the qualification and experience for appointment as being the same. However you can make your submissions to Commission by emailing them on [email protected]

  • Wanambisi Laban

    @mkenyaMzalendo the DPP and Controller of Budget are in Level for alongside Clerks of the National Assembly and Senate, Central Bank of Kenya Governor, Auditor General, Supreme Court Judges, Chairpersons of Constitutional Offices, Service Commanders of the Kenya Defence Forces, and the Inspector General of the National Police Service. Thanks for the feedback

  • zeph

    i suggest Governor be moved to level 4 as he/she has a bigger constituency than the MPs.Deputy Governor be moved to level 5,while County Executive members be moved to level 6 ahead of the county assembly members since they constitute the executive arm which has more responsibilities than the assembly members.(ministers ordinarily earn more than the MPs right?).——–ZEPH YEGO.

  • Mark Mwangi

    Where is the link to the report?

  • j.ndungu

    please tell us how you are addressing the salaries of the lower cadre job groups in the civil service.we are yet to hear or read about it

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