Police service commission headed for fresh nominations

, NAIROBI, Kenya, May 15 – The Parliamentary Committee on National Security has rejected President Mwai Kibaki’s nomination of Amina Masoud to head the National Police Service Commission, and has instead proposed its own nominees.

In their report which was tabled in the House on Tuesday, the committee chaired by Mt Elgon MP Fred Kapondi proposed three new persons for the president’s consideration.

The committee said Masoud, a former teacher in Lamu and a public relations practitioner was not an appropriate candidate as she lacked the requisite legal expertise.

The committee now wants MPs support its choice of a one-time FIDA Executive Director Jean Njeri Kamau, former Interim Independent Boundaries Review Commission commissioner Murshid Mohamed and Johnston Kavuludi who were found to have a sound legal background given that the mandate of the commission has a quasi-judicial function.

The parliamentary team has also recommended the nomination of Esther Chui-Colombini, Ronald Musengi, James Atemi, Muia Mutia and Mary Auma Owuor to serve as commissioners.

In the report the committee explains that it had resolved to conduct an inquiry on the 10 short listed candidates for the post of chairperson in order to establish whether there was credibility and objectivity in the selection process.

The nomination of the team was shrouded in controversy after Prime Minister Raila Odinga disowned the list claiming he was not consulted while civil society groups challenged the matter claiming none of the nominees was qualified to be appointed as Judge of the High Court as outlined in the Constitution.

Kamau, a Former FIDA Executive Director and Former CEO in the Ombudsman Office, had been dropped from the list of short listed candidates in unclear circumstances.

In February, a member of the panel that interviewed candidates for the National Police Service Commission opposed the shortlisted candidates for the post of chairperson, claiming that the process was flawed.

Lydia Gachoya, a commissioner at the National Gender and Equality Commission differed with the unilateral decision reached by members of the selection panel to strike off the name of Kamau whom she argues was ranked second.

Gachoya claimed that Kamau’s name was removed to give undue advantage to Mohamed for the post.

  • Francis

    I am at a loss-which is which?Do we use merit and appoint the most qualified or do we consider “other issues” in order to give a fair chance to all? Parliament must wake up to the fact that what they are doing now is giving reason to those who believed that one appointing body made sense.There must be more than cheap amorphous “points awarded” in a subjective useless interview that is currently used in appointments.I bet my son that should “Kamau” be appointed HELL WILL BREAK LOSE! Even though she was “scored higher”. We are witnessing the seeds of hate being planted in the minds of Kenyans in the false hope of trying to hide the deep underlying push for the so called face of Kenya.Why not give the lady a chance? Who says that only a “trained lawyer” qualifies? Is it not the case that Kenyans with other training skills would serve given that the chair is not the executive officer but a voice of reason among equals?Other countries appoint  top judges from people who never practicing lawyers but are of sound mind and patriotic enough to serve their fellow men/women with dignity.Parliament cannot have it both ways-which comes first-education or opportunity?If they want marginalized groups to benefit they cannot call for qualifications that they do not have in the first place because of marginalization.Either you go for merit or allow common sense to prevail.What reason did the CMT that interviewed the nominees give for including her name?What are the rules that guide nominations? If the cmt did not follow the law/rules then the only cure is a repeat of the process.Parliament cannot choose nominees who they will in turn vote on! That is fraud!      

    • Ti

      you are just don’t get it. why is it that only kikuyus/gema  are the most qualified.amy chief, police chief, gsu, nsis, minister of security,ps,cid.this trend is repeated in other key ministries.kibaki is the one doing some major harm to kikuyus.the kikuyus are not help themselves either by supporting triablitics opinions

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