Kalonzo woos diaspora votes in Boston visit

Kalonzo talks to Kenyans in Boston

, BOSTON, May 19 – Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka on Saturday kicked off his tour of the United States, by addressing Kenyans in Boston where he declared that he was seeking the presidency in order to unite the country, lead the fight against corruption and expand the economy to create wealth.

Musyoka said the next government would involve Kenyans living and working abroad in key decision making organs, because of the critical role they play in boosting the economy through remittances currently topping $1 billion.

The VP praised Kenyans abroad saying they have been at the forefront of agitating for more civil liberties in the country, which have now been realized through the enactment of a new constitution.

“You work hard to remit billions of shillings home, it is important now that the next government which I hope to lead will tap your ideas, creativity and innovation to propel the country forward,” he told hundreds of Kenyans gathered at the Boston Marriott Hotel at the start of his tour that will also take him to Texas, Atlanta, Minneapolis and Washington DC.

The VP, who is accompanied by Maragua MP Elias Mbau, Kamukunji MP Yusuf Hassan and Kibwezi MP Philip Kaloki acknowledged that Kenya’s history was replete with mistakes but also full of successes.

“We know and acknowledge our past – the good and the bad. We seek leadership so as to correct mistakes of the past and build on the successes,” he said.

The Vice President told the Kenyans that key institutions, critical to the implementation of the new constitution have been established, paving the way for entrenchment of the new constitutional dispensation.

Kenya, he said, was a young nation with 65% of its population classified as youth and therefore wealth and job creation must be the priority of the next administration.

He however added that for economic prosperity to take root and for the country to take advantage of the benefits of regional integration, peace and tranquility must prevail in East Africa and the horn of Africa region.

“We are therefore concerned at what is happening between North and South Sudan and urge them to give peace a chance in order to safeguard the comprehensive peace agreement (CPA),” he said.

The Wiper Democratic Movement leader said he was passionate about national healing, reconciliation and integration because the country cannot develop if negative ethnicity was allowed to thrive.

“I have worked for peace in other countries and doing so at home is now my personal mission,” Musyoka said.

Mbau said that for the country to realize vision 2030 there was need for sobriety, continuity and focus in the next leadership.

Various members of the audience engaged the VP in an extensive question and answer session that expressed the high expectations of the Diaspora in the new Kenya.

“We are now ready to work hand in hand with our brothers and sisters back home and we hope that the leadership will create an enabling environment for business to thrive,” said Joseph Odhiambo, a Kenyan businessman living in Boston.

Organisers of the Boston meeting were led by Mercy Kamau-Maina, the president of the Diaspora Advisory Council, Bishop Joshua Wambua, Amos Wang’ombe and youth leader, Tony Mithiga.

The VP was also accompanied by Kenya’s Ambassador to the US Elkana Odembo.

  • muths

    in the run up to the elections, kenyans both within and without the country will start to realise the importance of carefully scrutinizing the character of all those aspiring to lead us. i am almost sure that, safe for entrenched ethinicity, meny kenyans will see the VP in good light. as somebody who has lived abroad and travels alot, the VP has lots of respect and kenyans could finally get a leader who aticulate and well versed with international affairs to take kenya to the next level by sustaining the positives that Kibaki has established. Go for it bwana VP.

    • Just saying

      Its unfortunate that all these years we have never known Kalonzo’s stand and the shuttle diplomacy did nothing to remove that reputation. Kalonzo may be a good man but am afraid he has proved himself to be quite spineless.

    • MGHARO

      I have lived in Ukambani and frankly speaking, Kalozo has done complete zero. Big zero work to Wakamba community. Let Kalonzo meet me and i will ask him the very hard questions he will not want to hear. I respect mama ngilu she pioneered borehole drinking in Athi-River when she became water minister. Kalonzo has been in parliament more than Ngilu but he does not care his people. Kenyans lets be carefull how we pick leaders.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/muli.ben Muli Ben

    Hon Kalonzo should know that its voters at home who will elect him and the diaspora vote is negligible compare.Begging missions camouflaged as vote hunting will only alliniate him further  

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