Raila orders Saitoti to censure police over Limuru chaos

Police used live ammunition and teargas to disperse thousands who wanted to attend the Limuru 2B meeting
NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 19 – Prime Minister Raila Odinga has ordered Internal Security Minister George Saitoti to take immediate action against the Commissioner of Police and all Provincial Administration officials who were involved in violent dispersal of anti Gema youth in Limuru.

Saitoti has also been directed to ensure that immediate investigations are carried out on threats to the life and family of Imenti Central MP Gitobu Imanyara.

In a statement, Odinga said that the police failed to protect the rights of the conveners of the meeting by using teargas and live ammunition to disperse them.

Apart from violating the constitution, Odinga said that police should have been observant of the fact that organisers such meetings incur substantial expenditures (such as paying for the conference venue, its logistics, travel for the delegates and programming the availability of speakers) which he said cannot be undone at the last minute.

Police opened fire and lobbed teargas at thousands of youth who were marching to the Jumuia Conference Centre in Limuru for a meeting organised to counter another held there by GEMA leaders on March 23.

Odinga insists that police tactics in cancelling the meeting were a recipe for disaster and also tainted the integrity of the government’s commitment to uphold the law.

He said that if police had information against any individuals planning to disrupt the meeting dubbed Limuru 2B they should have dealt with them and let the meeting go on.

“It is unacceptable that police can cancel a gathering on grounds that thugs planned to disrupt it. Police indicated to the organisers that a group led by a Member of Parliament had threatened to disrupt the meeting. But rather than arrest those who were threatening to cause a breach of the peace, and provide security for those meeting lawfully, the police chose to assist those who were sabotaging a lawful meeting!” Odinga’s statement read.

“They chased the innocent through fields, constantly firing tear gas and bullets, and alarmed residents in neighbouring compounds and disrupted their daily lives. The police did not maintain law and order as they are required to do,” he further stated.

Odinga insisted that such scenes belonged to the past and that they had been banished from the lives of Kenyans with the new Constitution.

“The sight of police officers putting up roadblocks on a major thoroughfare and repeatedly firing rounds of tear gas at hundreds of perfectly peaceful people caused intense alarm of a kind we have not experienced for some years now,” the statement further read adding that Wednesday’s meeting was organised by some of Kenya’s ‘most respected luminaries known for their commitment to democracy, national harmony and peace’.

The PM says that the action by the police on Wednesday had also raised their fears about what else might lie ahead which might curtail the exercise of democratic rights ahead of the next election.

“Scenes of Archbishop Reverend David Gitari and former MP Hon Paul Muite, who fought gallantly, for the freedom we have today, being tear gassed and shot at, will not be tolerated by Kenyans any more, nor images of unarmed youths being chased away like criminals from the scene of a licensed meeting.”

They take us decades back and raise alarm to the fact that despite giving ourselves a new constitution, we are not out of the woods yet,” the statement said.

He has assured that the government remains committed to upholding all the democratic rights the people of Kenya so painfully won and entrenched in the Constitution including the right by the people to make independent political choices without intimidation or blackmail.

Imanyara told parliament on Wednesday that he feared for his life after he was accosted by four men as he drove to his home near State House, Nairobi on Tuesday night.

  • Jannadas

    The Internal Security Minister together the Police force and the commissioner are a disgrace to Democracy.
    They should be taught a lesson.Kick them out simple.

  • Steve

    that is y we need urgent police reforms in this country kibaki is a president of who if the constitution he always cry is being implemented is trushed is this the way to implement the constitution

  • Raia

    Imagine yourself as a policeman, trying to calm down a crowd ready for war – stones turned into weapons, can we compare the definition of peaceful demonstration in Kenya, and in countries like the US  – in Kenya peeps throw stones in the name of peaceful mass demonstrations in the US they carry placards. Tired of too much politics that leave the common mwananchi in tears. If it doesn’t create jobs for the youth (below 40 years) nor put food to our tables, nor cloth … then I will hear none of it.

    • Guest

      What do you have to say about the group waving white handkerchiefs saying ‘we want peace’? THOSE ARE NOT STONES TURNED INTO WEAPONS, C’MON! HOW DO YOU TWIST A STORY LIKE THAT!!!

  • scanfish

    Hehehe! Desperation galore. Talk about the wheels coming of the ODM ramshackle. All the convenors of that meeting, Muite, Ngunjiri, Gitari and Aburi, are well known Raila sycophants, while the so called youth chased away by the Police were Mungiki sect followers. Raila cannot pretend to have been unaware of the meeting and who were going to attend, and it is him who should be investigated together with his sycophants for cavorting and giving comfort to a banned terrorist and criminal organisation like Mungiki. Now he is giving orders to Saitoti to censure Iteere but Saitoti will just ignore the orders, ata do? Bure Kabisa.  

    • Goodboy30it

      Which law states that raila sycophants if any have no right to assemble peacefully?

      • scanfish

        Raila sycophants can meet anywhere they wish. They could even have gone and met at a local primary school in Nakuru or Bondo for all i care, but they did not. Instead, they chose to meet in Limuru because of the symbolism and intention to spite Uhuru, but they failed. Do you know why? Well, since they do not have that many supporters, the merry stooges decided to incorporate Mungiki, a BANNED terrorist and criminal organisation of atavistic, bloodthirsty gangsters available to the highest bidder but loathed in Central Kenya. The highest bidder in this case was Raila, but he stupidly forgot one thing – Mungiki is BANNED, period! That means it cannot meet, demonstrate or gather in groups of more than 3 people. Now what is he mourning about? He has himself broken the law through his opportunistic sycophants like Muite, Maina Njenga, Ngunjiri and Gitari and who have been meeting in his office to plan these amateurish shenanigans. Now he turns around to try and salvage his ramshackle reputation by purporting to order Saitoti to rectify his mistake? Like i said, BURE KABISA!!

  • Francis

    This is one time Hon.Saitoti should tell someone to go and do some “Un-christian things to themselves”.It is obvious who is behind the stupid stunts of the midiwos and the shameless imanyara.The script is now very clear.Why should Saitoti investigate that which imanyara could not report to police himself until after almost 24hrs?The fellow has a driver i suppose?the dude has TWO SECURITY MEN AT HIS DISPOSAL?He just happened to be alone?Alone on a Nairobi road where he can “STOP ON THE ROAD-KNEEL -SAY STUFF AND DRIVE ON?”How many morons does imanyara think Kenya has?Regarding mungiki meeting by one Maina Njenga-now raila’s hero-REMEMBER HE WAS TAKING A “BOOK” to him when in prison in 2007 or was it before?Any meeting by one maina njenga anywhere in Kenya today is a mockery of civilization.The blood of so many innocent central province people has been shed at the hands of the outfit though which njenga has made millions.I thought i saw in news the said youths HIGH-FIVING police at end of it all after they talked sense to them and i could not but be proud of the new policing tactics.Raila can ask for a refund for the cancelled meeting if it is him who had paid for the venue! What might happen come next election? MMM one thing is clear-KENYANS WILL NOT ELECT A CLOWN! Your/imanjara’s/midiwos antics are so stupid/childish they send chills on right thinking citizens that you meet to plan such-it is beyond pathetic.You should by now have asked Imanyara for all the details about the “ordeal” since with a “knife on his neck he could still see the fellows looked well dressed-he could see one fellow go to the LEADER and speak KIKUYU-TO LEAVE NO DOUBT to his listeners who was behind it-he was so oriented in his brains-he knew where MT.KENYA was AT NIGHT”Friends I cannot with all the geography i did in school “CORRECTLY IDENTIFY MT. KENYA DIRECTION WHILE IN NAIROBI-IMANYARA IS NOW A GPS GADGET-SAFARICOM SHOULD USE HIM!”.Did you take the number plate of the car? it was right there-you were not blind-folded-who drove out first?you or the KIKUYU GUYS?The demons in you and your sponsors are so low in   IQ-they  were sent to you “AS A PUNISHMENT”.Take a moment of reflection/repentance and the good LORD will have mercy on you.You and your friends are the greatest shame to ever visit our land. 

  • Malasre

    that the true spirit of democracy and all who think live in the past or take orders from ABOVE are still dreaming. shame on you the ADMINISTRATION OFFICERS who might be involved. i remember Rev Njoya and tears flow, mark you ,the humble man of cloth was not tempted into dirty politics we witness. re known writer once quoted. ENOUGH is ENOUGH

  • Sakanja

    Just a minute, bana PM, are you not senior thna the minister. Are you sure for Gods sake that you knew nothing about this meeting. If the meeting was cancelled and everybody was informed, why could not they go to court and avoid the backrush. Why go to the place just to be clobbered. However much I dont support police brutality, kina Muite, Gitari and the rest should have been wiser than this. Saitoti, lets see what happens

  • Lynnannluv

    Mr. Pm you are right here, but one question:- we have as well seen many innocent Kenyans  being kicked out of their shelters, their properties being demolished and you are very silent on this. Does it mean that this has not got your attention? As much as we support you on this, pls ensure the is applied across the board uniformly regardless of the political status and connections.

    • Goodboy30it

      stick to the issue raised!

      • Mazzdark

         Pratt (a kenyatta family name, if i ever heard one) knows only one issue: Raila Odinga

    • Pratt

      He is not right! He is only playing clever deceptive politics. There are procedures to follow before you decide to condemn the police, especially when you are purportedly a senior government official. First, were those purported anti-Gema fellows pro-pm? Does tribalist and political reject Paul Muite dance to pm’s tunes? And do you incite people to attack the police and then scream police brutality? Is attacking police not a serious criminal offence? I think democracy arrived too early for people like this do-nothing pm. You have to respect institutions if at all you are democratic. When police detects impending crime and swings in to action, or are given orders to do the needful, you can only take issue with those who authorized the  action. Pm, as a coward and master of escapism, has never tried to confront his boss on any issue. He simply plays a Kizza Bisigye by attacking the messengers. I thought he was a senior government official who could have the matter discussed at the highest level of the government?!! Or perhaps given his many lapses, no one takes him seriously? Either the pm has refused to synchronize with government, or he is simply a lone ranger that diplomacy is an absent word in his vocabulary.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/I46X7AIAU2DTMUYK7MOQXFEIVA master

    Tyme for Gitari,Muite and Imanyara are gone.Central province we are all behind Uhuru come high come low.

  • Anita

    why do police fight people shouting slogans of “we want peace” whilst displaying white hankies which symbolizes Peace??? w
    why was the First Gema meeting and Kamatusa meeting not chaotic…. no police were involved….

  • luvmeluvu

    i8n times like these politicians who are spent forces jostle for new paper space. But we know the type of leaders we want.

  • Pratt

    Same same old tricks of using opportunism to play democracy! The PM has no power to order around the police and moreso, when its clear he is fighting for his goons. Pretence of leadership should not be self serving at all. But the fellow who has never had time for our brothers in police force and even regularly incites public against them, wont hesitate to ask them to protect his endless lies. Prime ministership is already reduntant position in the current situation. Raila should not therefore pretend to be master of human rights only when his paid goons defy orders. Bishop Gitari, famous tribalist and political reject Paul Muite are well known opportunistic supporters of Raila. Muite who the moment president Kibaki was elected, dropped all pretence of human rights activism and quickly became a Kikuyu protector, is now trying to mislead the public. He only became anti-Kibaki after he realised that he wasnt going to be appointed a minister. He was strongly aided by Koigi wa Wamwere who eventually landed assistant ministerial job. From then on, Muite has attempted with alot of failure to regain his balance. We cant therefore take such opportunistic fellows seriously. Raila should also realize that his time of fooling Kenyans is long gone and gone forever.  

    • Goodboy30it

      Anybody has powers to question police brutality and PM has his constitunal right to do so… Any kenyan has a right to peaceful assembly so longer as he plays by the law… There have been many prayer meetings where people have been insulted, insighted, tribalism promoted, but no police was used to bring them to book…!

      • Pratt

        “Anybody has powers to question police brutality” even to score empty political points? And even when that “brutality” is coming from his hired thugs? First, you must realize that policemen are also human beings. You cant therefore expect them to hold their hands akimbo when they are being attacked by goons, seemingly sent by the same empty complaining righteous people.Their job is to maintain law and order. Thus, once they issue orders that you dont agree with, if you are as democratic as you pretend, the least you can do is to go to court to challenge those orders. You CANT opt to confront them while pretending your rights are being violated. Thats criminal pal! Brutality cant also be onesided it first comes from purported victims. Your reckless idol, if he was ever been honest, was supposed to get breifing from the police before giving “orders’ that he has no capacity of enforcing. He is not supposed to lead from the streets! Why didnt he consult the police commissioner first before going public? We know why. The idea is to show that he is with the people, while in reality he is the one inciting public against the police! Major Gen. Ali was his punching bag, does he want Mr. Iteere to same too? When does Raila get along with other people and moreso, public officials? And in his party, he has had to lose his partners anyhow! Does that say something? His illogic flies against the collective interests of the country. 



  • Mwangijurist

    HAHAHAHAHAHA,,,, HEEEEEEEEheeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuiiiiii…..

  • kinyari

    The Mungiki thugs and terror gang are now innocent Wananchi, but wait a  minute, have they even held a session with the truth justice and reconciliation commission. They are still collecting eggs form Chicken they do not rear, illegal taxes on the actual innocent hard working Wananchi. but what is they PM doing about it? Of course he care less who suffers, just like in 2007, it’s all about power. If a goon has a vote, you can quickly forget his evil deeds and buy him for a season. let me assure you bwana PM, a bird in the hand is worthy two in the bush, just court Mudavadi and all his allies who are now streaming out of ODM. Those Mungiki youth will take your money and vote for a totally different candidate, in the meantime you are loosing some critical support.

  • Makonge

    the police did the right thing.the odm sponsored rally was nothing but trouble.

  • Njeripk

    Now we know the PM is simply a supervisor and has no power to order a fellow Minister. He is simply a prefect and his ‘order’ will be simply ignored. However any analyst worth his salt will tell you that Midiwo, Imanyara and limuru 2b are being orchestrated to divert attention away from a crumbling ODM. Musalia is about to put paid to Raila’s bid for Statehouse by walking out of ODM an announcing his new party tomorrow. Why not keep the Country occupied with nonsense from Midiwo and Imanyara while issuing frivolous orders over a meeting to be attended by hoodlums murderers and extortionists? Bwana PM, your scheme is signaling serious desperation and your antics are simply akin to one clutching at straws. At this rate you are likely to come behind Kalonzo in the Presidential bid…like number 5.

  • Makonge


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