Mudavadi finally ditches ODM as presidential race hots up

KAKAMEGA, Kenya, Apr 21 – Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi has finally ditched the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), declaring that his name must be on the presidential ballot in the forthcoming general elections.

The Sabatia MP, who is also the ODM’s Deputy Party Leader recently fell out with the party bigwigs after they submitted the constitution to the Registrar of Political Parties creating uncertainty and apprehension among members.

He told a leaders meeting at the Masinde Muliro University in Kakamega County that he had decided to leave the party that is led by Prime Minister Raila Odinga who also intends to capture the top seat in the polls.

“When you leave here, I want you to be sure that I will not go back to ODM, this time, there is no reverse gear” he promised.

Mudavadi has been unhappy that ODM presented compliance documents to the Registrar of Political Parties without first amending the clause that says the party leader will be the automatic presidential flag bearer.

The DPM and his faction wanted the rules amended by the National Governing Council and the National Delegates Conference, while Odinga’s allies argued that the party needed to first apply for registration to beat the April 30 deadline.

The DPM recalled his political journey in ODM and told the Kakamega gathering that time was not on his side to wait for the amendment of the party’s constitution.

“Obama would not have been the US president if his party would have had a constitution that says the party leader is the presidential candidate,” he said.

Mudavadi who chaired the much-publicised leaders’ meeting however fell short of naming his new party.

“Making the final decision is very important and all factors must be put into consideration,” he said.

Leaders, who included councilors, members of the clergy, trade unionists, elders, youths and women leaders, expected Mudavadi to use the occasion to issue his “comprehensive statement.”

While countering pressure to state his next move, Mudavadi said a child should be allowed to be born after nine months.

“A pregnancy should be allowed to take full term,” he added.

Participants were drawn from the four counties of Western Province, Trans Nzoia County, Rift Valley and Nairobi.

The DPM on his part asked for more time to conduct further consultation before making the much awaited announcement.

“I was sent home once because I made a move before consulting widely. It was a big lesson for me” he explained.

He promised to make known his decision after completing consultations with supporters countrywide.

Speaker after speaker at the meeting demanded that Mudavadi announces that he has quit ODM and name his new political outfit.

He noted that he has five more counties to tour- Wajir, Marsabit, Turkana, Mandera and Nairobi.

“I want us to move together. I should never walk alone,” he told the leaders from Western.

He said Kenyans have a right to elect a person they deem fit to lead them.

“I hold no grudge with anyone in ODM. You don’t have to be a party leader to vie for presidency. If one door is closed, you must open the other door and get out,” he added.

The DPM was backed by Housing Minister Soita Shitanda, assistant ministers George Khaniri (Information) and Manyala Keya (Gender), MPs Bonny Khalwale, Justus Kizito and David Were and Yusuf chanzu.

Others were formers MPs Raphael Wanjala, Mukhisa Kituyi and Mark Too and Nairobi Town Clerk Philip Kisia.

Shitanda, Khalwale and Wanjala asked Mudavadi to approach Justice minister Eugene Wamalwa his Trade counterpart Moses Wetangula and assistant minister Bifwoli Wakoli and Lugari MP Cyrus Jirongo and seek their support.

The four have announced that they will also be in the race to State House.

Khaniri said the door has been closed for them in ODM as they will never get a chance to participate in nominations.

“Some people in ODM have been putting road blocks every time we made progress. The DPM has no chance of winning presidential nominations in ODM,” he added



Bernard is the News Editor at Capital FM. He commands over a decade of experience in news gathering having worked in both print and electronic media. He holds a BSc degree in Information Sciences from Moi University and is currently undertaking a Master of Arts degree in Communication Studies at the University of Nairobi.

  • Aptbks

    Yeah. Let Mudavadi form his own party or join the party he thinks has the kind of democracy he wants. kenya is a free state.

  • Cwamera

    The circus now begins.

  • Apolitical Political

    Call it as it is! Mudavadi name must be there! As it is If Hon. Uhuru won the 2002 elections Hon Mudavadi will be on that ticket! Way to go Hon Uhuru rudisha mukono!

  • Apolitical Political

    Raila deserves this dose! What goes around comes around! Thats what Raila did to Uhuru+Mudavadi team 2002!

  • Gegenu

    Hawa wanasiasa wote njaa tuu , ndio inasumbuwa , hawana people’s interest in their hearts , bloody thieves all of them

  • DicksonOkwashKubokaOkusimba

    I knew this bullshit  Mudavadi will go, he is a project

  • Jannadas

    Hon.Moses Mudavadi i believe politically is finished.He is not the material required to be the President.

  • Thomas

    Apparently,MM is playing politics HERE.Without putting words into his mouth,I believe he is simply saying Who said I ve defected to another party?Listening to his latest speech on Friday,I think he was very cautious with his statements.Mudavadi could be a wise Guy who does not believe sycophants but studies his moves.The press sometimes overspeculates.Let us not abuse him but give him ample time to place his cards.I m sure he will never repeat a mistake he once made.Moreover MM knows talking of democracy, none will give him direct nomination to presidency and that may also contradict his complaint over ODM.AND actually,trully all the current presidental candidates are their party leaders which makes it Party democracy by TODAY,Hypocrisy aside.

  • Erickmoenga

    i thought musalia was true leader but he is proving to power hungy….and one day he will need raila but raila will not be there…i hope he choose wisely and not repeat the same mistake he made in 2002

    • Apolitical Political

      No one needs Raila! It’s as simple as that! Raila is simply getting his own medication! Kalonzo and Raila are going nowhere!!!

  • Memba67

    The story of Mudavadi over, he made the same mistake loosing his sabatia seat, his star was really shinning to be set up for being the president of kenya after Raila but see now, he is headed to siberia. Poor mudavadi lala salama

  • Memba67

    Next ticket, Raila with runningmate Imanyara Kitobu

  • Arodialbert

    Mudavadi is a project. He knows it to well that with or without the party changing its constituion he had no chance of defeating Raila.

  • Lumati

    Who is Musalia Mudavadi? I cant wait to vote for Raila with his running mate Gitobu Imanyara! Oh, for the record Am from western Kenya.

  • Freekenyan

    Jameni I told you when Balala quit. You may now be in a position to see what I told you, and here I repeat; KITENDAWILI! ATAISHA KAMA MAVI YAKE. (JOB 20:6-7)

  • Pratt

    Coward merchants of deceit, laden with tribal loyalty, in Odm think that when Mudavadi walks out, their village idol would get the trophy. However, you cant win election when your stocks are totally depleted. The false opinion polls seem tio give false hope too! Thats why insults for Mudavadi are increasing with every passing day. Even empty dreamers like Prof. Makua Mutua have tried to dismiss Mudavadi’s value in Odm. Nevertheless, its easier said than done and Odm without the collaterals, in form of regional leaders, is certainly an empty shell. Of course, elections are around the corner. Thus, this chest thumping backed by vacuum will soon be exposed. Thats when everybody will be shocked beyond call. I guess a good lot of us who have been primed to believe that these mass exodus from the party are “good for us,” would attempt suicide! The empty propaganda being paraded by tinpot dictators cant yield any results at all. And who said whenever you disagree with your opponent, you have to resort to insults and worse? Cowards in Odm with losing streaks, have perfected politics of hatred and that wont take them far. Before realizing that opponents need to be treated with diginty, Odm will shrink to razor thin size. Furthermore, votes are supposed to come from everybody!  But the idiocy of believing that when we disagree today you dont need my vote tomorrow, has crippling if not stagnating effect. Raila, the perfector of this mischief, has failed to read the writing on the wall.    

  • Simon yel

    let Raila bring his brother UMBURO to be his running mate . fuck him . we will see how he is going to win this coming election son of bitch

  • Joe

    let the flowing river pass-by and leave the river rocks lay still

  • Joashfranc

    with or without MUDAVADY ODM must continue